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  1. Tried everything, every single thing, and it just doesn't work. I'm really frustrated right now. I don't know if it has something to do with the mousepad, or anything like that. Trackball, joystick, everything is disabled, but I still couldn't get a good result even with all the tips.
  2. I tried the compatibility with WIndows 7 but I didn't work. But how do I do this audio plug thing? Nothing is working. I even tried different versions of Hyperspin (one configured, and one "clean", if you will, and none worked properly).
  3. I forgot to mention, my Hyperspin is installed in a 1 gig external HDD. I tried it in Windows 7 and it worked properly, just now, but I still have no resolution running it in my other main laptop (which has Windows 8 installed). I really don't understand what happens.
  4. lol. Both are also turned off and I have no cat, still not working properly! This is awful. But thanks for the tips anyway, I appreciate it
  5. I did this, the issue is still present... unfortunately. I also don't have any joysticks plugged in at the moment, just my lap's keyboard.
  6. Hi guys, I'm new here. I've been using Hyperspin for a while now and I haven't turned it on in months, but this week I decided to play around with it again. I used to have the same configs in Windows 7 and it worked properly but since I moved on to Windows 8, it doesn't work properly anymore. I tried everything, updated Hyperspin, changed the controls in Hyper HQ, nothing changed, it just scrolls endlessly and only enter and ESC are working, it's a nightmare. I tried to look for a similar issue on the internet but I haven't found it. What can be done to solve this problem? Thanks in advance. ps: I can make a video of it, if needed.
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