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  1. moleboyz101

    Change game info font?

    Awesome! Thanks guys. I was confused because HyperSync was downloading "letters" and I could see them in the folder but not in HyperSpin. I see now that they are used for something else, I think its to quick search by letter but I don't know how to activate that Also, is it possible to have the wheels in hyperspin scroll straight up and down instead of the default scroll at an angle?
  2. moleboyz101

    Change game info font?

    Is there a way to change the game info lettering? Like in the attached picture how do you change the "1993, Capcom / Cadillacs and Dinosaurs" font?
  3. I pointed HyperSync to the hyperspin folder and the hyperspin media folder in the settings. I can navigate to Hyperspin\Databases\Main Menu\Main Menu.xml on my own but for some reason HyperSync can't find it. Any tips?