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  1. Thanx Blur! Okay, all is working very well for me now. I looked at your post regarding a script change for 2 monitors in win 7 but i won't try it just now as i don't seem to have the same problem. So far, this is the very best version of FPLaunch for me. Cheers, Maceman
  2. Hi All, Just an update that I installed the latest version and it is working WAY BETTER than the previous versions for me. So far I notice: a) Much faster loading and exiting times Can exit out of FP c) Can Exit out of B2S tables- hooray!! The only issue i am currently having is that UVP based tables exit, but the UVP server is still running on BG. Other than this issue, everything is awesome!! Thanx so much Blur! Maceman
  3. ...I think I am going to give the latest version another whirl soon. I am waiting for more bug fixes in Win 7 as Blur figures them out first It has been about 5 versions of FPlaunch that i have had no success. Basically for me, I was able to have a working FPlaunch back in version 3 or 4, but since then i have had focus and exiting issues. My problem is that i cannot get my ipac2 to work with another key instead of esc. If someone has a step by step on how they change their keys ion ipac2, i would be grateful, because it doesn't change for me it seems. btw, Blur, I had similar issues with ball on flipper with win 7 drivers. The only fix i have found is to use a different driver that works (need to try some to find out), or you can switch to 16 bit rather than 32. Although that may be impractical, it is better than using soft render imo. Ok, so i will try later today when i am at the cab and i will report back if i can or can't get it going. I am happy to hear this version may fix the B2S thing, because i have major issues right now where the b2s keeps running Maceman
  4. maceman


    Zeb, Can you explain this part better for me please. This is the exact issue i am having and cannot seem to re-map my ipac2. i have not too date been able to get the newer fplaunch's to work because of it. I can remap in VP and such but i cannot change the keys in ipac. I need a step by step! Cheers all, Maceman
  5. Thanx for trying to help me blur, but i think this is too advanced for me. I just want to exit a game and it go back to hyperpin menu, that is all i want to do. I tried changing the ipac to an E instead of esc, but it still fails for me. I need you to fly over to my house and do it for me It shows the change, but doesn't work in HP, so i don't know what else to do. Thanx anyways! ps. My VP configuration is set to E for exiting! pss... it seems perhaps my greatest problem is remapping the button i use on my cab to exit. When i am in the ipac config, no matter what i do, it always makes this button "esc" although i tried to map it to E .....this is why when i am in hyperpin it wont work. I don't remember having maping issues like this before, it has been a while since i set this cab up...
  6. okay, let me try that again:) I didn't go into vp editor to close it...what i did was exited out of the game back into the hp menu...but the dialog box for vp was appearing on top of the hp menu...so the only way to get back to the hp menu was to either close the vp dialog box, or kill it's process...until i do that i cannot get back to the menu solely. The same problem happened with the editor...when i tried to go back out of the editor to the hp menu, the vp dialog appeared...probably not related to the editor at all, but just a focus thing to start with... I will go back to check to make sure my esc key if turned to 'e'...I did that back on wip4, so i don't think it should have reverted back,but i need to double check that. Thanx for the help! Maceman btw- does this newest version still require the settings.ini? I ask because i thought i read that it is being done differently soon...or is that in the next release?
  7. Hi Blur, I attached my log. I am having some issues of exiting still.. Please help when you get a moment. In the log, you will see i was playing banzai run and went into service mode for a look-see...when i exited, and then exited the table, the vp editor window was on top of everything, when i closed it i lost focus and had to kill fplaunch to get control of HP back. Any thoughts, thanx in advance, Maceman ps. i should also mention that any vp game when i exit, i see the vp exit dialog there, and then when i click to exit, i get back to hp menu.... log.txt
  8. Hi Guys, Just wanted to chime in and say the latest 1.294 wip4 is working amazing for me. Way faster, no glitches with B2S or anything as i can see!! The only think i changed in my case was the ipac2 to reflect this: Put "e" key in settings file for exitEmulatorKey and Hyperpin Exit key, like this: [Keyboard] Exit = 69 [FPLaunch] exitEmulatorKey = e ...and it works awesome now. Just wanted to say thanx!!!! Maceman ps. To anyone who try this, remember to program your old esc key to "e". I made the change originally but didn't program it correctly, and so it wasn't working, but does now. Once you make the change to "e", make sure you press "program" in the bottom right of the screen in you winipac config utility
  9. One other thing... I am not sure if anyone has thought of this, but... It would be cool if there was a feature in hyperpin to select and load on the fly different XML databases. So for example, In VP I have one XML with every table I can find, sort of like the global list. I also have another XML specifically for the kids(ie. adult playfields/BG's/sounds removed) So for me, instead of renaming the xml before loading each time, it would be neat to be able to switch this on the fly within hyperpin. Just me thinking out loud.... Maceman
  10. Thanx Blur. I agree. Even getting somewhat close will save tons of time!! I must have spent 2 lifetimes so far setting things up, and still going.... Thanx for your work. Looking forward to this implementation in future! Maceman
  11. I am interested in an explanation of how the automatic sizing works??
  12. Hi Guys, Just wanted to say that works very well for me!!! I have FP turned off in my settings.ini, so my comments apply only to HP with VP. Nova was my test case, as no other FPLaunch allowed me to exit the Nova table without going ctrl-alt-delete, and killing the fplaunch,hp,and hglass processes. This is fantastic. I like the rendering notification as well. There are some tables that load slow and I always wondering if I am hung or need patience. This is great! Maceman ps. Sorry, I am Win 7 64 bit