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  1. Side rails painted and installed. Painted them in black hammered metal finish, matches the coin door perfect. Lock down bar is a Stern item in a textured black finish and I have all my buttons installed, just need to add labeled inserts. Still need to add side art, not sure if I will go with my original idea above or do a new theme with full wraps. Here is a pic of its current state sitting beside my real pin.
  2. Finally have a name for this build, "Pin Ballz". Searched Google to see if anyone has used this name, and the only hit I got was for a pinball/arcade located in Texas (website says it is BYOB, now that is my kind of arcade ). Since the cab is done in melamine, it dosn't make sense for me to do a full wrap (this was the whole point of using the melamine). I can print on adhesive vinyl up to 11 1/2 x 17. Basically make some big decals. I wanted a very generic theme that was 60's and 70's inspired. It is done in Inkscape SVG. I showed my wife, and she said "It looks OLD". This is how I knew I had done the job right. Here is an example of what it will look like....please go ahead and critique it.
  3. Update! Playfield glass has arrived. Also, had a local machine shop bend me up some side rails. I did not want the flipper buttons to sit below the rails so they gave me some extra material to play. I cut the rails so there is a little pad for the buttons to sit on, should help it look a little more custom. Playfield glass is 3/16" or 5mm. Side rails are 20 gauge mild steel and cost me $60. I think side rails are probably thicker then 20 gauge (I am thinking 18) but any thicker and you will have a hard time cutting and forming them at home. Lockdown bar ordered, will post picks when it arrives.
  4. Thanks also Chriz99, I will have too fill out the specs template when I am done testing and installing tables (looking to get 12 tables installed and working perfect before I move on to finishing cab and installing the computer inside). I will try setting ddraw to 0 later tonight and report back with any FPS increase. It's funny, everytime I am presented with a new challenge (downloading and installing VP and HP, adding tables and ROMS, rotating DMD) it seems like it is going to be a big deal. But the more problems I figure out, the easier it is getting. Maybe one day I will answer someones HyperPin question:proud:
  5. Thanks Takedown. Looks like this might help me run my DMD monitor at 640 x 480. Tried changing it early on as most people recommend 640 x 480 for the DMD as it actually looks more authentic and helps with overall performance, but it displayed the image like you described (small box in middle of screen with black bars around it). I like the DMD image the way it is, but I will put it on my testing to do list. To my suprise, I actually got my UVP backglasses to work. I do have a question though, is the UVP (animated lights) layed over, or under the PNG backglass image, or is it its own file containing both the image and animation. Reason I ask is, when I first downloaded all the files for Tales From the Crypt the UVP file contained both the UVP and a PNG. I put both files where they were suppose to go, but there already existed a PNG so I renamed it and left them both in the same folder. I noticed that the one I added had a different resolution and a smaller file size, but when I open each one seperatly and compare them, the newer one is more sharp and the colors are more vivid. Question is, which one can I (or should I) use for best results?
  6. Results are in: White Water (Alpha slider all the way to the right) 100 fps idle, 120 fps in play White Water (Alpha slider all the way to the left. ) 160 fps idle, 170 fps in play Also down loaded Funhouse Funhouse - 800 fps idle, 850 to 1000 fps in play I see a trend hear (you guys probably already know this), the more transparent ramps in game, the less fps. Having said that, I have to say, White Water looks and plays fantastic. All objects and ramps look to be rendered perfect. No stuttering, glitches, nothing. Ball looks the best out of all three games too. Chriz99, is there any particular changes you would like me to try (I am not experimenting with drivers though, they will stay at 11.10 ). I have to say, the ATI cards have been nothing but a dream since day one. Didn't even have to set them for monitors 1,2,3 in settings, they just happen to be defaulted that way. Chriz99, there is a setting in the AMD Control Center (its not call Catalyst Control Centre anymore) called "Use GPU for scaling", I tried it with Tales From the Crypt when I was trying to enable HD Rendering. Do you think there is any benefit to checking off this box, or will it probably not make a difference?
  7. Having looked at the three tables, I think I see where you are going with this. I like the look of the White Water, so I will try it first, give me an hour. Just tried playing Star Trek The Next Gen, and it was a fail (not sure why, so I gave up)....
  8. Here are a few pics of it in action. I hit F11 during game play and this is what I got. At idle 1600, during play, between 1300 and peaking at 3000. Don't know how relevant these numbers are, but considering the ATI cards, might be useful to devs or someone else planning a cab. I love the little DMD I added below the regular one. I added the Hyperpin logo to it, and it adds so much character, I am so glad I did it. First pic cab in action, last pic the computer mounted to the drawer.
  9. In case anyone catches it, the Sapphire cards "are" the "Dirt 3 Edition" cards. They are the factory overclocked, dual fan cards with the extra mini display ports. Ignore the packaging, they are sold in Canada in the same retail packaging as the regular HD 6870. The only difference on the box is the sku number. Had to drive back and forth to the computer store 3 times till we got it figured out.
  10. So, here are some early observations. 1. Like alot of people who have posted before me, Hyperpin takes a long time to load under W7. 2. Entering and exiting tables also took quite a while, until I upgraded my FPLaunch, now it only takes a few seconds to enter and exit each table. 3. Initially I could not run VP (Tales from the Crypt-only table I have downloaded at the moment) with Hardware Rendering on. First time I checked it, screen was all grey, and you could only see the odd bumper. Saved table, closed, entered table again, made sure it was checked, played again and it was only missing a few objects. Closed and opened once more and it was perfect. I am running 1920x1080x32 with HD Rendering on and I also have "Reorder for ATI" checked (didn't see it make a difference checked or not, but figured I'd leave it checked since I am running ATI). Don't know if Tales from the Crypt is a good example of a VP table, but I can tell you guys that it runs silky smooth. No stuttering or choppiness, even during multiball. Next time I play I will check the FPS. 4. Have to thank Tweegster and Godsin for their dummies guide, never would have got it running with out it. 5 All in all I am completely satisfied with how it is all running, like I said in my earlier post this weekend, just need to stop VP from running a table after I close it in Hyperpin (by the way, it only happens when Hyperpin was started up automatically from the start folder). I know everone wants pics, I am going down to play and will take a few of it up and running.....
  11. Here are the computer specs MOBO-ASUS M4A89TD PRO USB3 (bios 1101) CPU-AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition (revision C3) Memory-4 GB Corsair XMS3 (CMX4GX3M2A1600C9) Hard Drive-Crucial M4 64GB SSD (firmware version 009) GPU's-2 x Sapphire HD 6870 1GB GDDR5 Dirt 3 Edition Cards (11.10 drivers) Power Supply-Corsair AX850 OS-Window 7 64bit Home Premium Scythe Kama Panel 3 (for power on, fan control, usb and 2.5 sata hot swap slot)....
  12. Hey Guys...I am still alive...and over the next few days I will be posting some updates. Computer build is done-Windows 7 and ATI cards (I know, I know, why make it difficult), and I have VP/HP and Tales from the Crypt installed and running fairly well. I will let everyone know what drivers I am using and complete computer specs in saturday or sunday update with some pics. Since this thread is about my build, I figured I would throw out a question. I upgraded my fplaunch to 1.295 wip8 and I have a problem with VP continuing to run after I exit table. I have read the FPLaunch MOD thread and I believe it is a known bug. They are talking about changing some of the lines in the script and recompiling. I am lost. I have been in the settings script (changed my exit key from "esc" to "e") but I have no idea where to change these lines. I think I am suppose to go into the "ahk" folder, but when I click on it it says I don't have a program to open this file. If someone has had to do this, can you help me out?
  13. Got computer drawer done. Here is a few pics...
  14. Don't get discouraged fulsz, I have been working on and off of this project for the last 6 months. Don't feel you have to get it done in a certain amount of time, it takes some of the fun out of it.
  15. IT'S ALIVE!!!! I can't believe it, keyboard hack works perfect. Need to get down to Tigerdirect in the next week or two so I can pick up some more fans. I am running 8 fans, 5 fans sucking in, 3 fans blowing out. I want to create some positive air pressure inside the cab. Some air will be forced out through the cable hole under the backbox and past the two LCD's, eventually exiting out the 7 holes I cut in the top. Also, i will duct some air to wash over the face of the playfield (between the playfield glass and LCD screen). I have about 3/4" of space to pass air through, should be enough. Might have time to cut my bottom and start on computer drawer, will post pics if any of it gets done.
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