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  1. I know this thread is a bit older so not sure where you are with your build but 2 things: 1. Try to unlock your x2 555. Most can be unlocked in your BIOS to 4 cores. I have mine unlocked and overclocked to 4Ghz with no issues. This will allow you to segregate your processes to specific cores and basically double your CPU for free. 2. Depending on your OS, I would suggest a higher end model card - at least a GTX460 1GB, but these days I think most people are running something newer
  2. I was thinking that plasmas weren't supposed to be laid on their side for an extended period of time either? Or is that an old warning that's no longer relevant?
  3. The Vizio's are used by quite a few as well. I can't say how their picture quality is in comparison to the Samsungs, but they are known for having pretty good pictures for the price.
  4. Can't remember if we covered this before, are you running Nvidia or ATI and single or multiple monitors? Was thinking this issue was strictly Nvidia...but..
  5. If you are using win7 it won't work for you and you need different methods to screen cap. I've covered what works for me in an earlier post in this thread.
  6. That spider looks amazing! Nice job. And the cab isn't half bad either Holy lurker Chriz? Was thinking you'd dropped off the planet.
  7. You can get a Hannspree 28" 1920x1200 for around $200 and they look great for backglasses. It's what I use in mine and I believe many people here use them. Just an idea if you want to save some money.
  8. BTW the jukebox thing is a really cool addition
  9. Just a note, I have the 555 which I unlocked to 4 cores. You will want to overclock to at least 4ghz to get enough power for everything you want to do.
  10. As to not threadjack, I have created a new instructional thread in the HyperDMD forum with instructions on how to add HyperDMD to Hyperpin and FPlaunch. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?23641-Instructions-Custom-Animations-Screens-in-Hyperpin&p=224888#post224888
  11. This is an example of what I'm working on. Sorry the cam sucks, the screen is a real DMD. The process for it is completely different from displaying it on a 3rd screen because of the time it takes to communicate with the PinDMD. Basically what it does is loads an animation scene when Hyperpin boots, and plays it until you choose a table. Then it loads another scene(in this case static picture), until the game loads. If the game is rom based, you see the pinmame / fp output. If it is not, then you just see the pic you loaded. These 2 are working examples in in VP and FP. When you exit the table it loads the main animation back. The scrambling you see with the FP table is common to the dll used (it might be fixed in the next release). The issue I described in my last post is with B2S tables.
  12. Blur, I've hit a wall with HyperDMD. Calling anything to it via command line is slow (as BBB noted) but I'm not experienced enough to know how to work with the .dll however, I made everything work just great, but when you push your button to start a game, whatever is displaying when the -kill command is sent stays there until a rom starts, or if the game has no rom, or is not B2S, it just stays that way until you exit the table. While this works, it's not ideal, so I played with adding commands that add a static image of your choice to the DMD right before it kills the feed. This worked great except for 1 table that I can't for the life of me figure out why (there may be more, but I tested many tables to be sure). The game Diner will NOT load it's B2S DMD when I do this. I figured out it's a timing issue from when HypderDMD releases control and when B2S tries to takeover, so I played with sleep commands and that fixed Diner, but broke other B2S tables that weren't having problems prior. So long story question is, what determines when a B2S table tries to call a ROM and output, and in the rosve B2S routine, what is the sleep 200 at the end of it for? Since only B2S tables go through the if routine (and all tables go into the Rosve routine) it seems to be something in how different B2S tables are coded and how long it takes them to process. I messed with changing the value in that subroutine with no success as well as adding a sleep command just before the b2s.exe call. It's quite peculiar that one table reacts completely different from the rest.
  13. I managed to get HyperDMD - using PinDMD working perfectly with Hyperpin, VP and FP (finally). I ended up using an external executable to load HyperDMD and Hyperpin (via Horseys instructions) and exits when Hyperpin closes. Finding the correct places places in FPlaunch to put the changes was interesting because FP's timings for things and when they happen are very delicate. I think I have them in the best places now. I'll paste the code and exe in here tomorrow. I have one more line I want to add, but need to make something first to test it. I'm just happy I finally figured it out.
  14. Nice setup! Your video just reminded me to check on updates for LEDBlnky. Long ago I asked for PacLED64 and Hyperpin support and I see that at least there is PacLED64 support now (and looks like Hyperpin too! Time to do some experimenting
  15. Blur just to clarify - PinDMD itself requires nothing to be put in FPlaunch. HyperDMD is what changes that and can be either PinDMD or just displayed (like pinmame). I understand what you are saying and the question is should each of those offshoots be in FPlaunch as a single script, or should they be branches of FPLaunch (which gets confusing)? Or should they just simply be a completely separate thread ahk that people with those items can download? Like what I"m working on with HyperDMD, it works in tandom with PinDMD - however not everyone with a PinDMD will use it. This is why I was trying to make it work as a separate ahk outside of FPLaunch.
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