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  1. by Joe sure enough that is it thank you!
  2. I get this error when I try to launch a Mame game in Hyperspin. I can launch the games just fine through rocket launcher. Please help thanks!
  3. thanks for that so hypersync doesnt sync wheel art? after my last job it only added one for 88games in mame...
  4. Thanks! one last newbie question.. I noticed that in some setups insted of just the game title in text that some have an actual graphical banner for the game.. is there a setting to enable this?
  5. thanks is there a tutorial on how to use Don's tool? Sorry maybe I'm too dense to figure it out...
  6. hello newbie question here. how do I prevent certain games (adult and casino) from showing up on the wheel (Mame in my case?Please help
  7. Actually it was because i didnt have all the systems configured properly to sync in hypersync... its syncing now yay!
  8. I cant get hyper sync to work can someone please help?
  9. besides the obvious im not sure why i am getting this error when I attempt a sync: no new media as of 02/08/2017... at this point ill take old media... please help thank you
  10. Actually it is suddenly working after I changed the emulator executable to the latest "no nag build"
  11. thanks for that now the global system list is populated one big problem.. after setting in the correct ROM paths for the Mame system I go into games and run an audit and all games show up as red. with "0 out of 8034" roms found. I know these ROMS are good because MAMEUIFX can see them. any more help would be great! I'm stoked progress! Thank You!
  12. just installed rRL ran the updates but the global system list is blank.. what did I do wrong, anyway restore it?
  13. again Thank you. Ill try to get it configured myself this time around ill try a pre configured build if I get stuck again. again thank you!
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