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  1. Just go into all the settings for each emulator and map your controls to the same buttons you have for mame. This only gets tricky once you get to emulators that only accept keyboard inputs and then require you to use keyboard mapping software for joypads. NullDC springs to mind. I have a PSX, SNES, N64, Saturn controller and arcade stick plugged in. I have configured keyboard strokes to control the emulators and use joytokey to assign the keyboard strokes to the individual joypads. MAME is awkward in the sense that it only accepts raw inputs, so either keyboard strokes or joystick button presses directly, and not keyboard strokes mapped to joystick buttons in joytokey. For this reason I use Final Burn Alpha for arcade stuff.
  2. I think the current GameEx has two purchase options, an annual subscription and a lifetime subscription. Who knows if it will be the same with this new thing. I had previously bought a 1 year subscription for GameEx, using it on my HTPC and planning to use HS on my cab. I don't really have a lot of media on my PC, just games, and even though the search feature is really useful and the FE in general is quite simple to setup, it's just a bit boring compared to HS (IMO anyway).
  3. Hi everyone, Requesting Famicom Disk System wheel art if anyone has any or has the time to make them before I get the chance (busy, but aren't we all...) Thanks, Nick
  4. Hey Koolbrez, love the artwork, many thanks, I use alot of your Wheel artwork and Boxscans and they make my HS setup look awesome, so thanks!

    I notice you have a CAPCOM submenu on your main menu with cool artwork, but I can't find a CAPCOM xml or dat file to create my own CAPCOM menu. Can't find it in the forums, do you know where I can get it?

    Thanks dude.


  5. Dudes! Is it just me, I can't find any info as to what's the best emulator for playing SEGA genesis/megadrive, master system and 32X rooms in conjunction with HyperSpin? Is Fusion any good?
  6. Hi BBB,

    I donated $25 this morning. Could I please get the FTP link? Thanks.


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