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  1. I actually gave up on HyperSpin and RocketLauncher a while ago. I switched to LaunchBox for the front end and use RetroArch for 99% of the emulators. Setup is so much quicker and easier. If you haven't checked out LaunchBox, I would recommend it! It's VERY actively developed and the author actually takes feature requests and implements them—he even live streams his coding on YouTube! He's done several enhancements that I've requested. Not to downplay HyperSpin, I just couldn't put up with all the little issues.
  2. SkyHighGam3r, did you compress them outside of Dolphin, or use Dolphin to compress them? In Dolphin, if you RIGHT-CLICK on the ISO, there's an option there to compress. Do that and it should work, at least it did for me!
  3. My TMP files average about 30mb but they range from less than 1mb to 65mb. Altogether, all of my TMPs are 29.9GB but I used Windows compression on these and got them down to 19.9GB with no noticeable impact on load times or game play. The largest TMP is for God of War II. The TMP file is only created the first time the game is loaded, that's why that script is used to zip through all the games automatically and create it. I got tired of waiting on the script so I changed it to run for one minute. This worked for 90% of my games, then I changed it to 3 minutes and this worked for the other 10%. I forget how long this process took. I think about a day or so. I did find that when you go through this process, you'll end up with a GAMENAME.iso.gz file so you have to edit the PCSX2 module is you're using Rocketlauncher as mentioned here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/7368-compressed-ps2-isos-gz-and-hlhq/ As far as burning the ISO, it would only be as long as extracting the ISO and then burning it. Depending on what level compression you use, it should only take a few minutes to extract. Most of mine are compressed at "normal" (#6) but I did do some at "maximum" (#9).
  4. Okay, I'll try it next time I'm at my arcade machine. Looks like using this program: http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/hardlinkshellext.html#download You can mass create sym links.
  5. Does anyone have ROMs spread across multiple drives AND have the "ROMs Only" filter turned on—since HyperHQ only allows one ROM path? I'm guessing this can be done with symbolic links but I haven't tried yet. If so, would it be a link to each individual file on the other drive, or a link to the folder with all of the other files on the other drive?
  6. As far as I know, rar5 isn't supported. For PS2, it has to be GZ. You'll end up with GAMENAME.iso.gz. For GameCube and Wii, it has to be GCZ (or optionally CISO or WBFS). I don't see any lag in launching or playing the games. The only lag to speak of is the first run of the PS2 games where it creates the TMP file, which is basically an index of the GZ file so it can access it faster. To resolve this, I ran the script mentioned that launches the games to create the TMP file.
  7. JoyStickKilla, if you use GCZ, you get the benefit of compression, plus no wait times since Dolphin can launch them natively and no scripting! Might be worth switching.
  8. gigapig, you can just highlight them all and do them at once! Just watch your space because it won't get rid of the source ISO, you'll have to delete it afterwards!
  9. Yeah, I'm having to do mine in chunks too because of my limited space. What I do is this: Unzip the PS2 ROMs, they are ISOs in 7z format. Use Total Commander (you get a 30 day trial) and browse to the ISO directory. On the LEFT, select the ISOs you want to compress to GZ, then choose FILES>>PACK and tell it where to save them. On the RIGHT, make sure to choose GZ as the format and tell it not to use the directory structure. You just want a single ISO in the GZ file. If I do this before I go to work or bed or something (where I'm not waiting on it), I compress them with MAX compression. If it's during the day and I want to keep it moving, I choose NORMAL compression. MAX takes a lot longer and you only get a 1% or so more in compression so it's only worth using if you're not going to be waiting on it like water to boil. I'm having to do these in chucks because of space so I'll do all of the A's and B's, then all of the C's and D's or whatever I have space for, knowing that when I unzip them, I'll be taking up more space until I delete the 7z files, then when I GZ them, I'll need more space until I delete the ISO files. If I run into BIN and CUE files instead of ISOs while I'm unzipping them, I collect them into a folder and use WinISO to batch convert them to ISOs. After you do that, go here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/7368-compressed-ps2-isos-gz-and-hlhq/page-2 There's an AHK script that launches PCSX2, loads a game to create the index file, waits 5 minutes (to give it enough time), then moves on to the next game. You can adjust the 5 minute time to however fast your processor can work. There's also a way to script 7z to uncompress and compress automatically but I found it easier to just use the Total Commander. You can also look at PIGZ. It's will work faster than 7z but is command line only. This is a long process but definitely the way to go. I hated waiting on RocketLauncher to unzip the ISOs!
  10. I set everything up with Joy2Key that I could—that will give you the ability to use the control panel or controllers at the same time. I know people complain about key mappers because they introduce lag but my cabinet only gets played when we're drinking—no one cares and no one is going to play a 15 hour game on my cabinet!
  11. I started down this road, then just got two wireless controllers that are always connected. Here's what I think I have setup: I don't have any that are arcade controls only, but I have: N64 Wii (and Wiiware) Dreamcast Saturn and anything Playstation set as controller only. There are some systems like SNES where you can use either, but with the L & R buttons, it makes it awkward on the control panel so I always use the controller for those. I have it setup so you can use the control panel and then switch to the controller on the fly if you want to.
  12. I know it's already been answered, but I'm in the process of doing this to my ROMs right now. The waiting was getting to me... For Wii, use CISO or WBFS. These are compressed files and Dolphin opens them instantly, no waiting! For GameCube, use GCZ. You can use Dolphin to convert your ISO to GZC, just RIGHT-CLICK on them and choose to compress, then delete the ISO when it's done. They open instantly. For PS2, zip your ISOs into GZ files. PCSX2 will open these. The first time they are opened, it creates an index file (takes a few minutes) but every time after that, they open instantly. I'm using Total Commander to batch this process.
  13. Oh yeah, that's the one I meant to post, thanks Simply Austin!
  14. I used the lists here (http://hyperlist.hyperspin-fe.com/)%C2'> split my MAME stuff out by manufacturer. I still have the full-blown MAME wheel but it gets overwhelming to look through, especially for friends that trying to find something to play. It's easy to look for games by Capcom, or Kanomi, etc, because a lot of them have a similar feel or look to them from game to game. Just search for systems using MAME on that page. There's separate artwork available for all of those too.
  15. What video are you watching? Simply Austin's videos should get you going:
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