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  1. alright. i´ll try to explain how to get it working. i hope you understand my little bit english.

    first you need to install winuae. it´s a amiga emulator.

    then you nee the amiga rom files. try searchng. so i found them. cuz of copyrights...

    second you need the whdload files. that are games you can play.

    third you need to install winuaeloader. this is the main programm that uses winuae and makes the wdhload files work.


    there you´ll find more infos to get it working on your pc.

    i hope this will help. if you gonna manage it to play games then you can try to put it in hyperspin.

    i read hours to know how to get it working in hyperspin. here is the right way


    good luck

  2. hey buddy. you did some great wheel images for the amiga. it looks really nice

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