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  1. I don't remember but here's one that I found somewhere: MAME 80s.mp4
  2. That was the main Hyperspin intro video path you gave, griffin. I think he's referring to the main menu MAME video, which would be in HyperSpin\Media\Main Menu\MAME.mp4. I think Emumovies has a couple of alternatives. Or look through FTP.
  3. duff.the.dude

    PS2 and MDS

    You can delete the mds file. It is sort of like cue file but in this case its just a side effect of the burning tool used, PS2 does not need it.
  4. duff.the.dude

    Creating a Genre wheel

    you can use Don's tools or other similar apps found here to generate genre xmls based on your mame.xml. I thought hyperspin includes genre wheel images but if you can't find them on the download site either, search the forums, i'm sure someone had a website to download lots of wheel art. Then they go in Hyperspin\Media\MAME\Images\Genre\Wheel, named the same as each xml in the databases folder.
  5. duff.the.dude

    Master System or Game Gear?

    Yes .sms, .gg for game gear. The good thing is they always use the same emulator. I also have a few other games that may also be on master system but I keep for completeness, or there are some differences in the GG version. Basically I imagine that if I ever play them on a handheld device then they would fit right in. But yes master system would have better sound and of course look better on TV. Though my game gear bezel looks pretty cool!
  6. duff.the.dude

    Master System or Game Gear?

    Yes if you don't already know any GG games you like, then probably not worth it for so few games. However, here is a sample list of unique GG games that I have, if some interest you then go for it: Ax Battler - A legend of Golden Axe Crystal Warriors Defenders of Oasis Lunar - Walking School (translated) Phantasy Star Adventure (translated) Phantasy Star Gaiden (translated) Royal Stone (translated) Shining Force Gaiden II, III Shinobi II Sonic Triple Trouble Sylvan Tale (translated) Tails Adventure
  7. duff.the.dude

    Master System or Game Gear?

    There are definitely many great games for Master System that are not on game gear, and vice-versa. So for sure you want both systems, but no need to duplicate games between them. For duplicates you would almost always want the master system version, if only for larger screen etc.