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  1. Good Morning Guys, I was just wondering if anyone out there had some bartop Photoshop or Illustrartor Bartop templates they would be happy to share (or can send me a link where i can find them) - I am just starting out with both programs as I really like the idea of creating my own artwork. Many thanks if you can help. Dogman
  2. Love your cab Samorite, Many thanks for the recommend of these guys - out of interest how much did the whole kit cost ? Many thanks Dogman
  3. Morning All, Just wondered if anyone can recommend an reasonable illustrator and/or printer located in the uk to help me with my new project based on a Pacland remake. Pictures of cab attached - as you can see it's not too far away from needing artwork (on going I hope to do this for a living) ! If anyone out there can help - please get in touch, have most of the information including samples of the artwork style I would like to use ! i don't think too taxing but a fair bit of illustrator work ! Many thanks Dogman !
  4. you need something called Beta-brite (model prism) shown on the video on the homepage of this site, http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/content.php Be prepared to pay 200-300 bucks for it (needs to have usb input and soft ware control)
  5. oh man ! really !!was just about to start on my second project (although biocade is only about half way there as I am finally getting some time to work on it) are you still able to create the artwork files ?? And do you have any of the bartop artwork pack per-made (left over)? Dogman
  6. Oh man gang ! it's happened !! My Decal's came in the post this week ! and they are AMAZING !! thanks very much Webdiddy. Really looking forward to getting my bar-top built so I can post the pics on here and you can see for yourself what Im talking about !! Why do good all the designers come out of Sweden? Dogman,
  7. why he's not sticky'd......i'll never know !
  8. Guys, Webdiddy is doing some 'x' artwork for me (will post when finished) he's just sent me the artwork - completely blew me away, far beyond my expectaions ( and completed much quicker than I expected) !! I would recommend in a heartbeat !! he just about to do the printing also really can't wait !!! Just have to build it now !!
  9. Webdiddy Oh man ! love your work, you spoke about custom work - can you give me an idea on price for a bioshock (based on the first game) bartop artwork set?? would love to get this made !??
  10. Amazing work ! thanks for the info - sounds a little bit out of my reach !! think I will get as far as the ps2 and leave it there !
  11. Dude, how mad is your cabinet....can you tell us a bit more about getting the 360 to work with hyperspin ?? what marquee program did you use and what kinda spec is your pc running ??
  12. Hi Bill, Thanks for the update and a merry christmas to you and the hs gang, just was wondering about the 2nd monitor support? is this going to be added to Hyper Hq to automatically run along side HS and simply adding another media folder for the marquee's ??
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