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  1. Does anyone know? I can't find it now with the change on the FTP. I have been working with it for months. Thanks, Nick
  2. Hi guys, I am still working on my SHMUP project cab and everything is going well besides these two games. When I launch them from steam using PCLauncher from Hyperspin they sometimes (not always) launch to black screen and then minimize to desktop. I am sent back to hyperspin and the game is opened on the desktop. I added my two cents to another persons post about steam a while back but never really got a fix. Can anybody here try and recreate this? Or does anybody know why this might be happening? FYI, I have been using the latest hyperspin dl and the latest rocketlauncher. This is killer because as soon as this happens, it basically disables my whole setup because the game is still open on the desktop and the user can no longer launch games from steam in hyperspin. Another thing to note, I had to setup a fade for Raiden III just to get it to run, otherwise I got a timeout error. ALSO this only happens when launching from hyperspin. If I launch them from rocketlauncher they work perfect every time. Any info, tips, pointers, etc would be really appreciated!
  3. Well dang. I thought I was gonna be ok. It seems almost intermittent...sometimes it starts and plays without minimizing and sometimes it does not. Mostly it does minimize and throw my whole setup off. Now Raiden IV OverKill is doing the same. It's only these two games. The other 3 I have work fine every time. Any one else have any ideas why these steam games would be doing this? Its killing me. I have tried what cditty mentioned and they are still problems. Any info at all really appreciated!!
  4. I was going to make a thread about this same issue cditty. I have the exact thing happening with Raiden III Digital Edition. I did have to create a fade in for Raiden III to work properly if that means anything to someone that knows more than me. My other steam games work just fine. It is a big issue unfortunately because once this happens it leaves raiden 3 minimized and does not allow any more steam games to launch. I too have the same versions of rocketlauncher and hyperspin. If anyone has any tips it would be greatly appreciated!
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