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  2. Meph

    Best OS for HyperSpin

    Actually just saw that the “CPU does not support CompareExchange 128.” is new with 8.1. Looks like 8.0 will work so I will try that if there are no issues switching modes.
  3. Meph

    Best OS for HyperSpin

    Well Win8 wont install for me so that isn't an option.
  4. Meph

    Best OS for HyperSpin

    I was going to go with 8.1 x64 on my new Hyperspin build. I am using my older desktop which is a Intel Q9550 processor but 8.1 install stopped a few minutes into it and told me my processor didn't support some function required by 8.1. So would I be better off with Win7 x64 or XP x64? The PC also has an Arcade VGA 3000 connected to a Jpac. Its going to be running on a 25" WG Arcade monitor. A little bit of reading I saw that Win7 has some issues with some resolutions but a lot of those posts were older. So what is the consensus these days? I do plan to run some newer PC games on it also like Ultra SF4 and MK9.
  5. Excellent job. I was just thinking today that I wanted to do a nintendo cab strictly for DK, DKj, Mario, and Popeye but I really don't want to pay for and gut an actual nintendo cab in the process. Did you use the Jakobud plans for your build?
  6. Cabinet is coming along great. Any ideas for the artwork yet?
  7. The cabinets coming along nice. I have been wanting to do a retro machine for a long time but never really put the effort into making it happen but after seeing your thread and a couple others its given me the drive to tackle the project. Where in upstate NY are you guys located?
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