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  1. I've made fade for Hyperspin....

    - res 1024x768

    - unique image for table (i've take the best for my opinion)

    - renamed for actual posted xml database (clean set)

    - renamed for ready copy paste in fade folder

    - both Visual Pinball and Future Pinball fade table


    - add selection of 80 great wallpaper for random default fade

    Coming soon on "Hyperlaunch media discussion" forum

  2. Any reason why these wouldn't just be uploaded to the Hyperspin FTP for all gold/platinum members ?


    After reading the update to the first post, it appears that they were once added to the Hyperspin FTP, however the users upload directory appears to have been removed from the "Upload here" parent dir.

    If anyone still has them and can re-upload, it would save many people a lot of time and or avoid an unnecessary payment to Mediafire which only supports batch downloads if you are a paid subscriber.

    ...and i'm interest to convert all Backglass for FADE Hyperspin project...(need convert and rename all files)

    please upload to ftp folder! :adore:

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