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  1. Hey man can you share you SpecialArtwork with wheater project i need the actionscript code.


    1. Marcoqwerty


      Did you already check there?



  2. How has said Bungles i edited an amazing video from FLORIA RENNER, mixed with SPLASHWAVE REMIX. All the credits and info at the end of the video. For the Background Main Theme i compose a new video with the mix of some part of the main video and other neon background video at the bottom, also i adding some extra like text, SPEEDrive logo and warning for RUMBLE.
  3. Yes there are some personal touches, but im a video composer so i have all the time at work to made new video; yes because my themes are .mp4 video converted with the CIRCO flv utility (for the main theme), and simple .mp4 video for default theme and NO VIDEO SNAP PREVIEW video. Maybe i can make similar video in english version (after removing all the rumble warning and other italian or custom stuff) For the setub i can share the folder, but i think will be really hard to understand what i do, so i plan to made some youtube tutorial. I already upload a default theme here:
  4. Really! trust me! I made my first upright cab a lot of years ago (10), after an Bartop (5); but the fun who give me this project, and play with it, is unbelivable!
  5. Thank you dude! You cant imagine how its fun have an racing (and not only for race game) cabs! It tells you a player totally addicted by fighting game like Street Fighter. A lot of Hardware and Software work! But now i cant stop to play.
  6. SPEEDrive Project, based on a Jamma coin-op with inside a pc. FEATURES: - Original 25" CRT Monitor (emudriver) - 360° Wheel - Shifter UP/DOWN with NOS - Rumble - CPO Light Button - 2xLed stripes on the back (output controlled) - Pedal with micro and pot - 2.1 audio system + 100w Subwoofer - Custom Hyperspin Main Theme, Video Preview and NoTheme video - Rocketlauncher core
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Donkey Me theme by Marcoqwerty
  8. Hello!!! After tons of years to setup this front-end on Bartop and Upright cabinet now i would move it on a Driving upright cabinet with Analog control... How setup joy and (or) mouse to move between menu and launch game? At the moment i use original optical control game with a encoder (SmartASD) basically i will use JOY X AXIS for wheel and some key button (player 1 and visual change), i tried with HyperHQ with JOY enabled without any lucky to grab the analog control....
  9. Marcoqwerty


  10. Marcoqwerty

    Ciao a tutti

    Ciao Piacere e benvenuto!!!!!
  11. Marcoqwerty

    Ciao a tutti

    Ciao e auguri....ahahahahha
  12. Prova ad aggiornare i codec, prova ad aggiornare i driver della scheda e controllare le sue impostazioni....io ho win 8.1 e non ho problemi, magari ti ha resettato le opzioni....non convertire tutto in flv ormai verranno mantenuti solo gli mp4!
  13. Complimenti molto carina! per i progetti puoi anche andare su arcadeitalia.net e sulla relativa pagina fb ! ti aspettiamo con nuove foto! e dettagli!
  14. Version 1.1


    Special Art 3 with Dynamic Time and Date....with dark13 support! Installation: - Simply put the file (ENG or ITA formatted) in desidered Theme folder...and rename SpecialA3.swf (best on MAIN MENU > C:\Hyperspin\Media\Main Menu\Images\Special\ ) - Copy the folder (don't rename it) to C:\Hyperspin\ (need exacly this path) (result C:\Hyperspin\Widget) - Changing location for weather widget To change location you need to copy folder into C:\HyperSpin It's MANDATORY as the .swf file will read WEATHEREXAMPLE.xml to retrieve the information for your city, if you have HyperSpin installed on another hard drive letter just create in c: HyperSpin folder. Once you've done that connect to https://weather.yahoo.com/ and search for the city you want to have weather for. Search for it even if Yahoo! get your city on the fly. Look at the URL once the page has loaded If you don't see the format below click on left link DETECT MY LOCATION Do you see the number 721943 ? I's the WOIED of the city you have searched and the .swf need that code to show a specific city's weather, in this case Italy, Rome now open C:\HyperSpin\Widget\WEATHER.xml , it's a really simple file <xml> <woied>721943</woied> <farcel>c</farcel> </xml>
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