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  1. what else would make it say Attempting launch missing rom... I am using a fresh setup and have rechecked rom path many times using retro and es file exploreer
  2. how does the path start off when using a ext hdd on the sheild? /storage/sdcard0/? /storage/usb/? or something
  3. I have a 5tb seagate that everything is loaded on. please look at my pics showing my setup
  4. I have a nvidia sheild tv that i'm trying to use my working windows setup I have added the files to my setup but I cant get the roms to load. I have hyperspin starting up fine the game videos will play and i can get to the point to select the roms fine After looking at my windows set up I think the path to the rom is setup a little different then a stock windows set up. I have tried to change the path in the android setup to match the windows but no luck yet. Here is the path to my windows setup to the roms.D:\Arcade\Nintendo Entertainment System\roms. Would it be better to change the windows set or change the android set up to get everything to work on both setups. Also what files need to be changed Thanks
  5. I guess that's the point I'm at .. I have hyperspin working and retro installed... I have to setup the ini's to the retro settings.. On The shield TV is that the best emu to use is the retroarch is does something else work better
  6. can someone point in the right direction for the retroarch setup.. I have hyperspin setup but not retro
  7. Hello all... I have a question about having one setup shared on my home network for windows and sheild TV.. Is this possible to share everything? can you set the paths up on the shield to get this to work I'm sure the windows will work also how about any lag issues with doing this.. Thanks in advance
  8. Whats the biggest HDD that anyone has used on the shield tv loaded with hyperspin.. I'm not sure what I can ask about getting roms so let me know if its not ok... What is the best place to get roms and videos complete sets .. I can find some here some there I want to find all the main stuff and not drive my self crazy finding Roms and Videos... THANKS
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