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  1. I have been also looking at the intel computstick and the new asus vivostick.
  2. I have been looking into the ODROID XU4. It's around $70 and can run 3d emus like psp at 4x internal resolution. It seems to be the cheapest micro form factor android power house atm.
  3. I was able to solve this wonderfuly. I used a guide in the tutorials section and made 3 profiles. One for hyperpsin,retroarch (that does nothing except send the hyperpause command), and rocketlauncher. I set the rocketlauncher one to Scancode base and that solved any hyperpuase issues. This is the excellent guide I followed. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/tutorials/article/47-written-setting-up-joytokey-in-hyperspin-and-rocketlauncher/
  4. I am trying to set this up and having issues. My config is I have a ps4 controller and I use inputmapper to get it working. All works very well in emulators and retroarch. I tried to setup the controller with the joystick config in hyperHQ and I also get the scrolling issue. Use the keyboard works fine. Either the ps4 controller will scroll like crazy, or the d-pad will not work at all. I am going to venture down the xpadder/joy2key route this evening. I just worry the profiles will conflict with my retroarch auto config which I really like and works well.
  5. I am having this issue as well. My controller is really laggy, and sometimes makes the wheel just spin forever and becomes un responsive. If I use the keyboard while this is happening it stops the spinning and works fine. Also the keyboard always works fine. Something with the controllers I think. Also the controllers work fine in emulation and when playing. This lag only happens in hyperspin.
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