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  1. Here's my build - YANP http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?14068 46" , 32", 19" (Really got to get around to updating some more pics - it's finished now except for some artwork and a name)..
  2. Thanks blur - updated VP settings to NT compatible and removed them from hyperpin.exe. Been playing for the last hour or so and haven't seen the issue so far - looking good. Thanks again for your help. Mick.
  3. Thanks Blur so just to confirm: 1) Hyperpin.exe set as standard (no compatibility mode) 2) Visual Pinball exe - set as nt compatibility mode By all others do you mean I should set UVP and FP to nt compatibility as well? I'll revert Hyperpin back to normal and let you know if I hit that issue any more. Thanks again for the help. Mick
  4. Hi Blur, I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this before or if it's just happening to me, but I do have the odd occasion when I exit a VP table where it will return to Hyperpin but it's no longer active. If I hit ALT-Tab there is a process called DieMWin (not 100% sure and I can't get it to happen now I need the details), and if I then hit Alt-F4 to kill that process it will return to normal and everything works as before. I'm using Windows XP, have NT Compatibility on Hyperpin.exe and have my Exit key mapped to 'E'. Not sure if you've seen this before or not. This is with the latest wip from this forum. Thanks a lot, Mick
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