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  1. Here's my build - YANP http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?14068 46" , 32", 19" (Really got to get around to updating some more pics - it's finished now except for some artwork and a name)..
  2. Thanks blur - updated VP settings to NT compatible and removed them from hyperpin.exe. Been playing for the last hour or so and haven't seen the issue so far - looking good. Thanks again for your help. Mick.
  3. Thanks Blur so just to confirm: 1) Hyperpin.exe set as standard (no compatibility mode) 2) Visual Pinball exe - set as nt compatibility mode By all others do you mean I should set UVP and FP to nt compatibility as well? I'll revert Hyperpin back to normal and let you know if I hit that issue any more. Thanks again for the help. Mick
  4. Hi Blur, I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this before or if it's just happening to me, but I do have the odd occasion when I exit a VP table where it will return to Hyperpin but it's no longer active. If I hit ALT-Tab there is a process called DieMWin (not 100% sure and I can't get it to happen now I need the details), and if I then hit Alt-F4 to kill that process it will return to normal and everything works as before. I'm using Windows XP, have NT Compatibility on Hyperpin.exe and have my Exit key mapped to 'E'. Not sure if you've seen this before or not. This is with the latest wip from this forum. Thanks a lot, Mick
  5. Hi guys, Hope I'm putting this in the right place. I'm almost finished on my 3 monitor cab build which is running a GTX 560 and GTX 260 (for DMD). I tried Windows XP initially and had some weird issues with Data East and Stern games and the latest drivers (GTX 560s appear to only able to use later 27x.xx drivers). I called it a day and decided to try Windows 7 64 bit hearing that some people had good results and my pc is pretty beefy. Everything worked "okay" in most instances but the Monopoly table in particular ran terrible. After following the various guides, trying different sound drivers, throwing XP compatibility on every .exe I could find, I decided to focus on the NVIDIA driver config and I now have Monopoly (and the other 20-odd tables so far) all running smoothly. I was wondering if anyone else was interested in trying these config on their NVIDIA based Win7 x64 systems and seeing if it helps them. Before these changes I had severe stutter in Monopoly - in Multi-ball the balls almost vanished half the time on the screen.. Here's what I did: Using the latest NVIDIA non-Beta drivers (I think 275.33) I went into the NVIDIA control panel and selected Manage 3D settings and set everything as follows: Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration - Compatibility Mode Power Management mode - Prefer Maximum Performance Threaded Optimisation - Off Vertical Sync - Off Tried again (running Monopoly at whatever defaults it was on, Flashers running etc and it still stuttered. The final thing I did was go into Control Panel, go into Themes and select the Windows 7 Aero Theme (then set the backdrops to Black Solid colour again). Tried Monopoly again and it's now running smooth as silk. (Brilliant game by the way and looks beautiful). Would be interested in seeing if this works for anyone else. I haven't made any other adjustments to Windows 7 - haven't uninstalled any standard programs, stopped indexing or other services etc. This is a purely standard install (plus it's Ultimate so has a bunch of other garbage installed I don't need at the moment) but it's running brilliantly so I'm not going to fiddle with it much at the moment. Hope this helps others out there - I couldn't believe the difference in performance by changing just a few settings. Thanks all..
  6. Whoops sorry. I saw the plug at the top of Chris' thread so thought it was one he was making. HEHE - That's exactly the sort of thing I'm worried about doing ;-) Was that your cab? Thanks Chris - that makes sense. I'm actually getting someone to build a standard size widebody - flatpack style so I should probably ask him not to put the flipper button holes in and do them later... I haven't purchased the side rails yet - I noticed you're using the older Bally style rails - I'm guessing the "standard" side rails aren't quite wide enough to cover the sides of the monitor - is that right or was that more an aesthetic choice? Thanks again..
  7. Hi Chris, Your cabinet is absolutely brilliant and I've been inspired to give it a go myself. I have just received delivery of my Sharp Aquos 46" and am trying to work out the best position for the 4 flipper buttons, and the front cabinet buttons/plunger etc. It looks like you've had to drop them slightly due to the depth of the screen. Would it be possible to get the measurements/positioning for these buttons. Also when you cut out the cabinet sides and installed the playfield monitor, was there any space left either side at all or did it pretty much fit exactly to the width of the cab? PS - Can't wait to see what you do with the Big Bang Pin ;-)
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