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  1. Hello Manofwar,

    Ive been creating many UVP backglass projects with your UVP editor.

    I have been getting many windows errors with your exe that have to do with 'pointer errors' and 'access violation' errors


    Im running Windows 7 64 bit (if it makes any difference)

    I love your program and use it daily and i wondered if you have considered

    to add a few features to it such as:

    adding a 9 segment option to the score reel

    Strange Science table uses that. but i can only choose 7 or 14 segments

    It would be great to have more options for the lights such as

    : intensity

    : dimming (low to bright - like a fade up to bright and back down again)

    : choose color

    Let me know what you think.

    Some of the UVP backglasses i have created are on Flying Dutchmans

    site: http://theretrocade.com/flying_dutchman/home.asp

    UVP Indiana Jones Custom

    UVP Bride Of Pin Bot

    UVP Star Wars Custom

    UVP Star Trek Data East Custom

    UVP Theatre Of Magic Custom

    UVP Time Machine Data East

    UVP Big Guns

    UVP Cyclone

    UVP Monster Bash

    UVP Champion Pub

    Can you tell me what you are working on for your next release of


    Thanks for your time - looking forward to hearing from you.

    you can email me at:

    [email protected] if you wish

    pharaoh - aka Hawk Hubbard

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