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  1. I bought an old used cabinet for really cheap for an arcade, but I haven't put a pc or monitor in and yet and hooked the whole thing up. I was really lucky to get a cabinet that still has the working power supply still hooked up to the marquee light and a switch on top of the cabinet. So right now, when I flip that switch the marquee comes on. I would like to figure out how to somehow wire things into my computer with that switch on top, but I don't know how to do any wiring stuff. Going to have to do some research and figure this stuff out.
  2. Whoa that is genius! Never woulda thunk it! Gotta go find me a sweet Justin Bieber poster now! http://www.framedart.com/justin-bieber-cool-print-668336.htm?sku=P668336
  3. Hey, Danwelsh. It's looking good so far. Keep up the good work. Where did you get your control panel graphic? That thing looks nice!
  4. You're welcome! Glad to know I'm not the only one out there trying to figure all this stuff out!
  5. ^^^^ I am not quite that advanced yet, but that sounds like a great idea!
  6. Ok, so when I normally use a computer monitor with my pc, I run a vga cable from the pc to monitor. When using this method, i can turn my computer on, and the monitor cuts on automatically with the computer. With my arcade cabinet setup, I am going to switch things and use an old CRT television for the monitor in my cabinet. I am going to get an S-Video to VGA converter cable to run from my pc to the tv. If I buy a hotstrip and plug the computer into the main slot on the hotstrip, will my television power on and off each time I turn the computer on, just like monitor normally does when you power a computer on and off? How can I make the television turn on each time I turn the pc on without having to hit a button on the tv? I won't be able to use a remote control to power the tv on, as the sensor for the remote will be hidden behind the screen bezel. Any suggestions?
  7. Great work, you are almost done!
  8. Awesome thanks so much! This will be great then! I can still play 4 players and have the smaller cabinet; YEEHAW!
  9. Hello, everyone. I am new to the world of emulation, and am working on creating my first cabinet. I am a bit confused about setting up my controls, and I have a few questions. I would like to be able to run 4 players on my cabinet, but having a large 4 player cabinet will be too big for the room I plan to put the cabinet in. I would prefer to have a smaller, 2 player-sized cabinet. What I am thinking is that I will build a 2 player joystick setup on the cabinet, and also have 2 x-box controllers tucked away that I can use as player 3 and 4 on the rare occasions when 4 people are at my house. My 2 joysticks are going to be wired into an ipac. What I am wondering is, is it possible to have 2 joysticks running for 2 of my controllers through ipac and have xbox controllers used at the same time? Or is it a 1 or the other type of deal where all 4 have to be on either ipac or 4 xbox controllers? Sorry for the noobish question, but yes I am a noob to this! Thanks in advance for your help.
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