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  1. Hi guys and gals, I've been using an old version of Hyperspin in a cabinet for MAME only for quite a few years now. Just recently I decided that instead of traditional themes I'd just use HyperTheme to create my own themes, which would essentially be to just have the preview video snap fill the entire screen. Now that the videos are full screen instead of small, some of them look kinda blurry and/or not of the highest frame rate. This is an old version of Hyperspin that uses FLV files. I paid for a new subscription to EmuMovies, downloaded all new high quality MP4's for all my roms, then used the old video converter I once downloaded from EmuMovies to convert them to FLV's. This didn't really result in any improvement in video quality, though when I watch the MP4's themselves they look nice. Is the video converter perhaps not creating high quality FLV's? Or is there something inherent in the FLV format or maybe in the old Hyperspin that keeps the videos from looking as good as their MP4 sources? I don't really want to upgrade to the newest/current Hyperspin in order to use MP4's if that would be tough for a technology-challenged old guy like me. Any thoughts or advice are appreciated.
  2. Why would I want that? Good question. I have a fairly big “man cave” in which I sometimes throw parties. It contains a pool table, a dart board, a pinball machine, and a MAME cabinet. Most of the usual attendees are not what you would call hardcore videogamers, though honestly I don’t always know that for sure – for example, maybe my wife makes a new friend and invites her and her husband to our next party; neither of us have ever met the husband so maybe he’s heavily into gaming or maybe he couldn’t care less. So my thought is, if the MAME cabinet is always displaying themes for games that are (or were in their day) very popular with “the masses” (e.g. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, and so on – I know that list is open to debate) maybe it will be more likely that someone will wander over to it and give it a try than if it’s constantly displaying themes for much more obscure games. However, I do want the obscure games to be visible and easily selectable from the wheel for that one person who would really get a kick out of playing one (or more).
  3. What I'm thinking of is this: right now if you look at my cabinet you see only a MAME wheel with about 300 games that are in my favorites xml. When attract mode spins the wheel it stops on random games. I want it instead to stop only on games I say it can stop on. All of the other 300 games would still be visible on the wheel as usual and their themes would be displayed if the user used a joystick to select one from the wheel.
  4. Just curious, am I the only one who would use this feature?
  5. Not a terrible idea, but I was thinking more of having a full selection of games available for anyone who might want to play a more obscure game. But I do think that constantly showing the themes for only the most popular games might encourage more people to try the cabinet.
  6. Sorry if this has been discussed before. Would it be possible to make it so that in attract mode the wheel would only stop on those games you want it to? I'm thinking if I throw a party it might be nice to have it land only on games that are fairly familiar to casual players (e.g. Pac-Man).
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