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Files posted by AK45

  1. Nintendo 3DS - eShop - Database (XML)

    hi i have put together a database for the Nintendo 3DS (eshop)
    I have no media except for the 3D boxart created by robin55 which is awesome
    If anyone could create any media for hyperspin like themes or wheel art it would be massively appreciated
    It has been updated to v2 with a lot of changes as i was made aware of what needed to be done(big thankyou) it wont be perfect but it should be better than before also if anyone can do this properly then feel free as i have limited knowledge,information and brain power lol


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  2. Fruit Machine - 458 Machines - Database (XML)

    This is an XML (Unfinished) for fruit machines as i have been searching the net and found very little to do with this emulation aspect of it .Any Media would be gratefully put to use and more help with the emulation using MFME V2 V3 V5.1 V9.4 V10.1a emulators,the biggest problem is having it maintain the desktop screen size when the machine is loaded through rocketlauncher,Anyway i hope this helps the people who like the fruit machines
    each machine must be in its own folder unzipped then Rename fruit machine folder and the .gam file inside the folder to machine name in the xml
    example rename" magnificent7sWDX" to "Magnificent 7's (Barcrest) and the .gam file inside the folder the same as machine folder name
    hope this helps


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