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  1. simply Amazing! thankyou roadrunner for these great themes
  2. Nintendo 3DS (eshop) View File hi i have put together a database for the Nintendo 3DS (eshop) I have no media except for the 3D boxart created by robin55 which is awesome If anyone could create any media for hyperspin like themes or wheel art it would be massively appreciated Submitter AK45 Submitted 08/27/2019 Category Databases (XML) Credits  
  3. Fruit Machine XML 415 Machines (Unfinished) View File This is an XML (Unfinished) for fruit machines as i have been searching the net and found very little to do with this emulation aspect of it .Any Media would be gratefully put to use and more help with the emulation using MFME V2 V3 V5.1 V9.4 V10.1a emulators,the biggest problem is having it maintain the desktop screen size when the machine is loaded through rocketlauncher,Anyway i hope this helps the people who like the fruit machines Submitter AK45 Submitted 11/25/2017 Category Databases (XML) Credits  
  4. RetroKenesis you have done an amazing artwork setup thankyou so much they make retroarch miles better
  5. outstanding it will be put to use no problem at all and agan thankyou metalzoic for your amazing work and time ans effort ? ? ? ? ?
  6. AK45

    android on pc

    thanks for the info bradders i appreciate it so its either buy it or wait til a better one comes along
  7. AK45

    android on pc

    thankyou very much for tr info battledonkey i will look into this and try to get it working ,i didnt even know bluestacks existed so a massive thankyou donkey rep well earned and good lucj
  8. As the title says is it possible to have android for the pc as i see many many great little games to try out..i read forum after forum and page after pages and they all discuss hyperspin on android which is the opposite of what i wanted just hoping it is possible to be able to do this thankyou so much AK45
  9. hi craig i may be a little late after the party buy managed to download it all now i will just follow the texts and get this up and running ,once again a massive thumbs up and rep given to a valuable member of the emulator scene i just wish i had all you gigapig dvjdv and the many others members i sorry i have missed as my brain need a little time to recover , i have re-edited this twice now lol brain forgets so please keep up the good work as it is full appreciated
  10. sorry please delete duplicate thankyou

  11. i have been searching for game collection artwork and found some but i have to say that your wheel setup is the best i have ever seen and probably i am unlikely to see anything better than this,cracking job well done !!!
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