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  2. This is fucking awesome, now i just need a shield, but sadly you can only buy the new one where the screen and controller is separated. would love to have a truely handheld device like the PSP vita with a good amount of controls to be able to play games like they should be played. I hate touchscreen controls in most games especially in emulators.
  3. Mayby by adding an admin mode, that you could enter via password or some other way
  4. Could be nice to be able to delete certain games inside hyperspin..
  5. Have the same problem! I cant log in to hyperspin via hypersync, i have changed my password to something simple and i still doesnt work..
  6. Hi there Im a bit confused on how this work. If i want to have genres for NES, SNES Amiga etc. Like the one that is en mame then how do i do that ? So im able to go into Amiga and want all the driving games og the NES for action games an so on.
  7. Having same problem Cant login to hyperspin via hypersync
  8. Mil7br4nd

    Daphne help

    Im i right in assuming that what i downloaded wasn´t enough, Do you know what all the bin files is for ?
  9. Mil7br4nd

    Daphne help

    Thanks 4 the welcome ill try that guide out
  10. Mil7br4nd

    Daphne help

    Hi guys! Im really trying to get a hold on this hyperspin, and im in the middle of trying to get something to work on my brand new arcade build. i Admit that i have downloadet a Rom containing Dragons Lair but what i dont understand, is that daphne wants me to mount the disc. I have some .zip files called - Lair - lair_ - lair_a (b,c,d,e etc) Containing bin files, but i read in a readme file that daphne supports zip files, but i do not understand what to do next, ? Daphne have downloadet a lot of files and now it wants me to mount the image ? im not starting from inside hyperspin im trying to get daphne to work before i start with hyperspin but im stuck and very confused
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