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  1. Do you by chance have a setup video yet? If so link please. 

  2. Oh wow. I mean, yeah if you can get a stretched bar LCD for that cheap, then go for it. I think I needed 33" for mine and it was just too cost-prohibitive for me.
  3. Yes, I did consider those. But as you can see, I only spent around $400 for my entire setup compared to $800 for a stretched bar LCD. That's nowhere near the same.
  4. Hello! Sorry for the late response to this thread. This is actually my cabinet and my video linked to in the top post, so I'd be glad to help answer any questions you guys may have. I didn't realize this thread was even going on until I saw that someone mentioned in one of the comments on my YouTube video that they had posted my video here. Several people have commented on my video (as well as in this thread) that they'd like to see a "tech tour" video of my cabinet which I would be more than happy to do. I'll be sure to post that video here as soon as I get a chance to make it. Anyhow, to answer some of the questions I've seen, here it goes: Materials: Projector AAXA Technologies ST200 Short Throw LED Pico Projector http://aaxatech.com/products/ST200-Short-Throw-LED-Pico-Projector.html MSRP $279, although you can occasionally find them on eBay for even less -- http://r.ebay.com/HbnrFl Rear-Projection Film Prolight Films ECONO - RP FILM (Dark Grey) http://www.prolightfilms.com/buy-usa.html $59/ft. x 60", $40 shipping (arrives in giant shipping tube) Mirror One Day Glass 14" x 4" x 1/8" Rectangle https://www.onedayglass.com/products/custom-mirrors/ ~$20 + ~$17 shipping Total cost (inc'l shipping): ~$415 I'll be sure to showcase this when I do a tech tour video, but I have the pico projector mounted in the back of the cabinet pointed upward towards the ceiling. The picture then bounces off the mirror which is mounted at an ~45-degree angle in the top-back corner of the cabinet and hits the rear-projection film on the marquee glass. The nice thing about using a mirror is that it not only gives a much larger image that fills the width of the marquee, but it also naturally mirrors the projector image making it suitable for rear projection. Most projectors (including the ST200) have a built-in feature to mirror the image, but using an actual mirror makes it unnecessary. Also, to clarify, I used actual glass for the marquee, not plexi (although plexi would've worked just as well). I just used a couple pieces of double-sided tape to hold the rear-projection film to the glass. One other important detail that I haven't seen mentioned here is that only approximately *half* of the projector's display is actually used on the marquee. Since the aspect ratio of the marquee is much wider than an ordinary 16:9 image, this means that a large portion of the total display area is unused. This is perfectly fine since all unused projection area ends up hitting the top of the inside of the cabinet and goes completely unseen. However, the only downside is that you end up losing a lot of vertical screen resolution. In all honesty, I'm incredibly happy with the the final result in this setup. There are only two major downsides: The resulting resolution of the marquee ends up being only ~360p (half of 720p) The internal cooling fan in the ST200 is *slightly* audible when turned on (although, I was able to almost completely eliminate this sound by replacing the fan with a cheap "low-noise" 30mm cooling fan That being said, the upside of only spending ~$415 on a working solution compared to bar/stretch LCD's that are at least double that cost greatly outweighs the downsides (at least in my opinion). Also, as I think others here have observed, projector technology is only going to continue to get cheaper and better with time. I imagine that I will be able to upgrade to a higher-resolution projector sometime in the near future that will help overcome these downsides. Until then, this ST200 is continuing to serve my setup well :-) Let me know if you have any other questions or if I overlooked one of your existing questions in this thread. I'm really glad that someone else was able to find my marquee idea useful! I'll be sure to update here as soon as I make my tech tour video. Thanks! -Justin
  5. It was just referenced in several forum posts (including this one). No official pages are linking to it AFAIK.
  6. Nevermind. I found what I was looking for here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/2320-ftp-access-must-read/
  7. This link doesn't resolve to a post for me and I am a Platinum Member. Any ideas? www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?30079-Ftp-access-must-read
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