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  1. hi is there a chance that hyperspin will be opensource? I believe that alot of bugs will be fixed if this will be opened source
  2. Im playing a game thats not really that popular mostly japanese games and im having a hard time getting wheels for those game.
  3. I see ive set the Default frontend but didnt set the default plugin. That was why it was erroring out when i launch the games Thanks mate
  4. Thanks that worked but can i ask why we need to do that sort of thing since it can already read the list if the rom only isnt checked. also additional question why is it that rocketlauncher needs its database folder filled the same xml as the hyperspin folder? is there a way to point rocket launcher to point to hyperspin folder?
  5. When i launch hyperspin and have the rom only option checked it doesnt show anything and goes back to the system select. how do i make hyperspin detect the games i have. I can do this with PSX and it only shows what i owned. The names all match Im using hyperspin/rocketlauncher combo
  6. Thanks for the reply. i used joytokey since thats the only freeware and it worked. Im now having this error below next when using hyperspin+rocketlauncher. Im following simply austins guide How to set up HyperSpin 1.4 and RocketLauncher. for the PS1 emulation im using epsxe rather than retroarch as was shown in his videos. The game im playing is a japan region game but ive renamed it in english. Its rockman battle and chase This is now working. I just need to change the local to english I do have how ever a new question. Does RL create a new memory card when playing PSX games? im using epsxe and its creating a new memory card for that game with that games name
  7. Thanks for answering my question. Ive just started setting up hyperspin using simplyaustins tutorial. Ive got one problem though hyperspin cant seem to detect my ps3 controller. I can set the keys in hyperhq but when i launch the hyperspin all the buttons arent working.
  8. what are some must have download that will help me in the long run. Please explain what each do Should i start now or are there gonna be major update that will render the older version useless. are all major emulator supported? Ive tried downloading on their website and sometimes the download doesn't go through and i have to click download again. is this normal? Theres hyperspin on android is it easy to port over my changes in pc to the android version? Does hyperspin or any other front end support uploading or synching save file to a cloud storage or offline storage? what are the advantages and disadvantage over using other frontends like launchbox(with bigbox), retroarch, etc. because im planning to also buy big box says it is good anything else I should know about?
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