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  1. This is frustrating Just to make sure I have done everything correctly I did a fresh install of everything, placing Rocketlauncher in a renamed folder of HyperLaunch in my C Drive. (As suggested) I realized I was not using the most recent version of Hyperspin, I was using the 1.3.3 full version. However seeing as the download for 1.4 is only a new exe and some scripts I simply copied that to my 1.3.3 folder and overwrote the exe. After reconnecting everything and reconfiguring all my emualtors....I am Yet again....running into the exact same problems. Im stumped.
  2. Ah I see the confusion here I was just testing the game to see if it would work by just running the Hyperlaunch exe by itself and selecting the game I want to test, faster than booting up hyperspin. In seeing your post I double checked to see if I had infact, installed Rocketlaunch correctly. Rocketlaunch is indeed connected to hyperspin as a front end and in checking hyperspins settings.ini, it does know where rocketlaunch is. running hyperlaunch.exe and checking the hyperlaunch.txt yields a different than running hyperspin and checking the hyperlaunch.txt debug dump . Just figured that out. Anyway....seems to be an issue of HyperSpin still running Hyperlaunch instead of Rocketlaunch, despite having my Hyperlaunch_Path= C:/Hyperspin/HyperLaunch/Rocketlauncher.exe (Also tried just C:/Hyperspin/HyperLaunch). At least I think thats the issue....Should HyperLaunch still be running if Rocketlaunch is the pre-set launcher? Im getting that pesky lingering HyperLaunch bug again....no idea what is causing it now. I am at a loss and I have no idea where to start in describing what is not working. If it would help, let know what data/info you would like and I will post it in my next reply. Problems that exist right now; PC games wont launch MAME games wont launch after a MAME game has been launched and then exited. SNES games wont launch (something about not having Hyperlaunch 2 module for SNES, create one or check hyperlist)
  3. Hey all, thanks for the responses I generally do use rocketlaunch however in seeing games launched ONLY through hyperspin I thought I would give it a try. I also had trouble getting it to work through rocketlaunch. Doom seemed to work just fine, so.... Anyway! I took your advice and tried going through RocketLaunch, following Giga's Guide (turns out I had already viewed his guide). Like originally, I ran into issues with it. Right now, I can get Both Doom and Lethal League to run through Rocketlaunch, However when Running through HyperLaunch, nothing happens. I run the diagnostic and I receive a; 03:56:20 PM | HyperLaunch launched directly 03:56:22 PM | HyperLaunch received "PC Games" and "Doom" 03:56:23 PM | INI Keys read 03:56:23 PM | Possible duplicate launch. is already running, closing HyperLaunch Now I have run into this problem before when hyperlaunch was getting stuck as a background process, I have a since applied a fix (I no longer see it in my task manager after exiting) YET This error still occurs. I tried running them through Hyperspin and....same sorta thing. Right now, both Doom and Lethal League do not work, however all already working Roms through my MAME emulator in Hyperspin do. Any ideas?
  4. Hey Yall, I think im starting to understand the madness that is Hyperspin..... So I have been trying to figure out how to install PC games into Hyperspin. A simple task by most stretches of the word except, most tutorials I find are either out of date (using a older version) or use either ONLY RocketLaunch or ONLY HyperLaunch. Anyway, so I tried adding ReMooD (4 player split screen doom) to Hyperspin, I could get it to run normally, I could get it to run through RocketLaunch, but for whatever reason i could never get it to run through hyperspin, I always ran into an error. Some many hours later and a small break, I sat back down, changed something.....and it worked. Hurray! cannot for the life of me remember what I did, but it worked. Now I go and add another PC game to the list an-----why do I have this exact same error? What did I do!?!?! How did I fix this before!?! Anyway so im getting this error.....but it makes no sense. NOW, Doom works fine and Lethal League is installed the exact same way as I installed Doom, Doom works, Lethal League does not. Could someone please shine some light on this madness? :3 Thank you
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