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  1. Dear all, I decided to adapt the original module from Craiganderson for the Jynx emulator to work on RocketLauncher. By the way I optimiced and updated the module. Please, find below the link to my actual version and the changelog: Module for Jynx (v1.0.2) - Changelog: - Original module from Craiganderson adapted to work on RocketLauncher. - The original module needed Xpadder profiles to be present. This version works with and without Xpadder profiles. - Module code simplified. - Module instructions and coments translated to Spanish. Now available in both languages, English and Spanish. Download link If you want to follow the complete hystory about the development of this module version please visit Insert More Coins.
  2. Oh my God!!! The wheel and the media are fantastic, but the best of all is to find all together in the same link (videos + theme + wheel) plus even all the information needed about roms and emulators for the MSU-1. Thank you very much!
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