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  1. purcho


  2. I just got a GTX 1080 Strix. Awesome card. Not too expensive either. If your budget doesnt allow that, the price of the GTX 980 is now dropping as a result of the 1080,1070,1060 etc. The 980 is really nice card that'll handle just about anything you want
  3. Im giving the cab a massive overhaul starting with a new PC. A GTX 1080 is the first arrival of many new components.
  4. I do, as it doubles as a jukebox. but the sound system in it is only temporary and not fully installed the way it will be when the cab is 100% finished until I can upgrade it to something more powerful.
  5. This is mine. In regards to screen size, I use a 42". That's as big as I would go at the distance I have mine at, anything bigger is a strain on the eyes unless it was further away.
  6. Version 20150819


    Theme for the PC game Dragon Ball Xenoverse
  7. 91 downloads

    Theme for the PC game Medal of Honor (2010 version)
  8. 196 downloads

    Theme for the PC game Sonic Generations
  9. 101 downloads

    Theme for the PC game Yaiba NInja Gaiden Z
  10. 244 downloads

    Theme for PC game Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round
  11. 147 downloads

    Theme for the PC game: Far Cry 3
  12. 67 downloads

    Theme for the PC game: Apotheon
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