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  1. sparky1821


  2. HI, I was searching like you for the movie themes from AABRA, I do not have access to emumovies is there any chance you can put the files up somewhere I can download them.

    Many thanks, john

  3. update...they are back on emumovies now...thanks for making these! :)

  4. edit: sorry double post



  5. Hello Aabra, I am a big fan of your movie themes pack, I have been searching all over for it and can't find it, It's gone from the emumovies ftp the hyperspin ftp and the torrent still floats around but goes dead at 90.6%, I can't find the 120 theme pack or the 194 theme pack, I desperately want this theme, can you please help me out buddy?

    Thanks so much!


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