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  2. Thanks for the heads up! Hope You and the team are doing well...I haven't posted here in forever!, I've still been working on my machine for almost five years now, it's turning out really awesome!, can't wait to hopefully be done this year and show everyone, thanks again for all the help years ago, it really helped with my build
  3. And even though these will be painted again to fix the minor blemishes, I think some of the "homemade" looks of it are what make it stand out in a positive way, just my opinion, I don't want everything on my cab to be cookie cutter machine made and I think these are a nice personal touch
  4. Triple the price of happ holsters??? Check your math they want 60-120 bucks for 2 holsters, i know the price is high for some, that's fine, no one has to buy these, I thought I would just be nice and offer to build some if anyone was interested, and this is just the first prototype, future ones will be more spot on, I'm surprised by the high level of thread crapping, Im not set on making anymore anyways unless the materials and labor are paid for, I'm more than happy just making two for me
  5. I totally understand the price seeming high, We've been doing some estimating...and unfortunately were at about 38 bucks just for the materials...not including the 3 hours to put them all together ...
  6. Here is an example of our first complete gun holster for my Hyperspin arcade cab! It was a 2 month design/concept build This is a piece of 1/4 aluminum bent to specifications, trimmed, and mounting holes drilled 3/8's neoprene foam rubber with adhesive backing added to the inside area to protect the plastic of the gun 1/4 pneumatic air tubing, cut and molded to the front to protect the gun while it rests against the holster painted with chrome paint If anyone is interested, Im thinking about mass producing these, and selling them for somewhere in the neighborhood of $95.00 bucks for a set of two, (price subject to change) post here if you would be interested! Thanks for the suppot Sparky
  7. HI, I was searching like you for the movie themes from AABRA, I do not have access to emumovies is there any chance you can put the files up somewhere I can download them.

    Many thanks, john

  8. update...they are back on emumovies now...thanks for making these! :)

  9. nobody out there has sega saturn box art?/ what are you guys using instead? is there cd scans available?
  10. Hello, I am looking for a nice set of sega saturn box art, hopefully the nice set talked about in this thread... www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7209 ...are still available, they look really nice, I looked in that guys ftp folder but they are not there, I would settle for any complete/near complete set really anybody know where to go to download? Thanks Sparky
  11. edit: sorry double post



  12. Hello Aabra, I am a big fan of your movie themes pack, I have been searching all over for it and can't find it, It's gone from the emumovies ftp the hyperspin ftp and the torrent still floats around but goes dead at 90.6%, I can't find the 120 theme pack or the 194 theme pack, I desperately want this theme, can you please help me out buddy?

    Thanks so much!


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