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  1. Hi all, I’m running HS on a Nvidia Shield and have everything running nicely. I recently decided to create an ‘Android’ wheel for my natively installed Android games, so all games, emulated or otherwise can be launched from HS. I have a few games on the wheel now all running fine (Zen Pinball, Snowboard Party and a couple of others) but I’m struggling I get Trials Frontier to launch, here is the entry from my Android.xml database/games list: Trials Frontier Ubisoft Racing The app name is definitely correct, checked against the Play Store and the Apps list on my Shield, but when I try to launch it from HS it says something like “error, invalid app: com.ubisoft.redlynx.trialsfrontier.ggp” Has anyone else got this working or know what else I could check? Thanks Nigel Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. @sanchezmike01 I have Pinball FX2 setup on HyperSpin for Windows, but now I'm trying to get Zen Pinball setup on my Nvidia Shield, any chance you can upload a copy of your ini file for Zen Pinball on Android please? Thanks Nigel
  3. I thought that might be the case, thanks for the info! I already have Arc Browser installed and have added most of my games to it, I like it but have spent most of my time in Hyperspin. I also have Retrox installed which I really like, it’s so easy to use, the guy who made it put together customised emulator installs that the app automatically downloads the first time you try to run a game that needs that emulator, so even a complete beginner can run games without having to know anything about setting up emulators.
  4. I'm so glad I asked the initial question! It's amazing how it's snowballed and we now have a full media set and config for Quake on Android! I have it running spot on, thank you so much everyone!!!
  5. Hi All, this is hopefully an easy question, I'm using HyperSpin on my Shield and I want to be able to use the X an Y buttons to view Genres and Favorites in the wheels, however I can't see how to change the button mapping. I can see the section in the settings file, but it references button numbers and how do I know which button on the controller is which number? At the moment both B and Y are 'back/exit' and both A and X are 'select/enter" although they are mapped to different key numbers in the setting file? Attached is my current settings.ini Thanks Nigel Settings.ini
  6. Wow! thanks for the amazing responses guys! especially thatman84 ! I was out last night and at work now, so can't try it, but I've taken the ini file you uploaded and have edited it to add my own rom path, so will test later! I've also downloaded copies of the media/themes file, thank you very much! I had previously found a theme for Quake 3 and replaced the title logo with the original Quake logo I did have it on a sub-wheel of it's own main menu wheel, which seemed a bit silly, so I've now made it an item on the main wheel. Cheers Nigel
  7. Original Post Update By Thatman84.... Hi All, I'm running Hyperspin and RetroArch on my Nvidia Shield. I've added a wheel for Quake (RetroArch Content) and have been trying to launch it with out success, has anyone else managed it? From my ini file: exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture parameters=cores/tryquake_libretro_android.so Thanks Nigel END OF OP The following thread has all the detailes required to get Quake1 up and running with RetroArch on the Shield TV and other supported Android devices. See this post for Retroarch Setup Steps Artwork Collection
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