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  1. Haha that is awesome the owner is my dads buddy from highschool and his wife runs a yoga studio upstairs. Cheers! I might have to make a trip to your place once this thing is complete.
  2. what local shop did you get the TV at? I live in Brantford.
  3. Pinball hall of fame is cool lots of machines but not what you would expect. Also beware of shady cab drivers and hooker on the way there I was there June 2012
  4. I went to a local glass shop and picked some up for a very reasonable price (under$30). Call around. Where are you located?
  5. Id be interested in one of your boards once you finalize it. Looks interesting and would save a butt load of cash!
  6. how did you get the Happ competition's to have LED RGB balltops?
  7. My EmuMovies will not recognize on HyperSync it keeps telling me that the login details cannot be verified
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