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  1. [uPDATE] Afternoon all, I have recently re-installed my setup from scratch following the great tutorials on here and now have the following setup configured: HyperSpin v1.4 RocketLauncher v1.0.1.4 RocketLauncher UI v1.0.0.9 + Using JoyToKey v5.8.0.360 [Registered] + MS Xbox 360 Controller +Currently setup up - Commodore 64 Wheel using [WinVice] All the above is working great. Hyperspin launches fine, JoyToKey launches [HYPERSPIN] profile which functions perfectly with Xbox 360 Controller. I select the Commodore 64 wheel > Game of choice (All work through WinVice standalone and also from RocketLaunchUI). WinVice takes over, bringing itself to the foreground and loads the Rom/Game up no problems - Also JoyToKey changes profile to the new [system Profile] for the Commodore 64. My problem/issue is (as it was above when I was using the xpadder setup), it doesn't lose focus/priorty of the Hyperspin frontend. When I am pressing any button on the controller and any key on the keyboard, it moves and controls the Hyperspin wheel in the background and not the current emulator (WinVice) which is currently running in the foreground. This is really doing my head in with regards to why it is doing this....am I missing a tick box or parameter to stop/pause functionality with Hyperspin? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated...or if you need any further info, logs, screenshot - just let me know! Many thanks in advance. C.
  2. [Resolved] Emailed JTK to query, they responded quickly and assisted in directing me to the JTK (FAQ) part of the website. However I did a quick search of my Registry...bcos the whole specific path request (i.e. 'D:\Hyperspin\Utilities\JoyToKey_en\JoyToKey.ini' ), was bugging me...and a minute of searching it came back with a random HKey path with the mentioned path setup in the registry...which is most bizarre since I've never set JTK up before let alone the specific path to the D: drive!!! So I removed this registry entry and it works perfectly setup on my Z: drive! Many thanks for the assist guy. Chris.
  3. Thanks tonesmalone, I did as you suggested (deleting all files barring the .exe file), as well as re-downloaded and un-archive a fresh version. Just the same error. Regarding the 'correct' path - there is a installation/exe path in the '.ini' file to correct or within the application setup/preferences to adjust...that is the completely bizarre thing!! I'll contact the developer of JoyToKey and post back any updates... Thanks again for the input! Chris C.
  4. Thanks for the reply guys, However this error statement is completely independent to RL or HS. I am simply just launching JoyToKey itself - primarily to register it with the key purchased and every time I do the above statement comes up and therefore won't create the '.ini' file - unless I create a directory structure on the D: drive as it instructs/states....very weird indeed!?
  5. Hey fellow arcadian's My latest battle (previous postings), with xpadder has lead me down the path of it substitute [JoyToKey] which I have downloaded from the official site and registered. I currently have my arcade drive setup on drive letter Z: The JoyToKey application launches fine, but when I go to exit/quit the app if comes back with the error window: Cannot create file "D:\Hyperspin\Utilities\JoyToKey_en\JoyToKey.ini" - The system cannot find the path specified. Now as far as I am aware this is a portable application and doesn't have a designated drive? Has anyone else had/has this issue? Just I cannot get the app to stay registered with the purchased key....unless I create the requested directory structure on my D: drive....which seems stupid....or is that just me!? Any insight would be most appreciated! Cheers C.
  6. [uPDATE] Xpadder does change profiles from (HyperSpin) control profile to (WinVice) control profile. However once I launch a game from within the [Commodore 64] wheel it brings (WinVice) to the foreground, whilst still running (Hyperspin) in the background - i.e. Sound, Theme Video and control functions all playing, as if it has not change priority to the launched emulator (WinVice) window - even though it is behind the actual emulator!!!????? Also I have setup [sega Genesis] using (RetroArch) and this works fine through (HyperSpin) no problems with background conflict like the above. Any helpers? Cheers Chris.
  7. Evening fellow Arcadian's, Currently got my HTPC setup running: HyperSpin v1.4 RocketLauncher v1.0.1.4 RocketLauncher UI v1.0.0.9 + Using Xpadder v2014.01.01 + MS Xbox 360 Controller All is setup with the above applications (seemingly). I have currently setup my first system [Commodore 64], using (WinVICE-2.4-x64). As mentioned this is all working fine: games audited fine, artwork linked in fine and emulator launched no problems (with and without HS). The issue I am having is when I launch a game within the [Commodore 64] system wheel in (HS). (HS) application does not minimise or pause/stop, it keeps utilising my controller in the background whilst the (WinVice) emulator in the foreground loads the chosen game. I have setup (Xpadder) with the applicable profiles for both (HS) and (WinVice) to swap over controller inputs: HyperSpin - Z:\RocketLauncher\Profiles\Xpadder\HyperSpin\p1.xpadderprofile C64 System - WinVice - Z:\RocketLauncher\Profiles\Xpadder\Commodore 64\_Default\p1.xpadderprofile Now I believe these are swapping over once I launch a game from the [Commodore 64] wheel. But I cannot confirm this, due to (HS) still having control of my Xbox 360 in the background whilst (WinVice) in the foreground loads up the chosen game file. I also cannot seem to find any settings on (RLUI / HSHQ) to solve this issue prior to my post If anyone can offer a suggestion or advice I would be very grateful, or if further information is required (screenshots etc.) I would be happy to assist....If this is a very newb oversight, my apologise...I have scoured the forum and youtube (Simply Austin etc.), and cannot find any similar issues...prior to popping a post on here. Many thanks in advance. Chris C.
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