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  1. Spawk

    msdos help

    IMO the exodos set is the easiest way. Has all the configs done for you already. Games are stored compressed and can be installed automatically through included "Meagre" program. All conf files done for you already. RL has a module, read the notes. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  2. LOL, I think I can safely say that this will not be deleted. You are entitled to your own opinion after all. And yes, I do agree that if your goal is to just get a few systems up and running quickly, there are faster options. Hyperspin is tailored toward people who wish to have more control over exactly what is shown and where and when. Other FE's may have a couple of "themes/layouts" but the ability to completely tweak every aspect just isn't there. Also, I don't quite understand your bashing of RocketLauncher. It is independent of HS... and in fact is actually made for all FE's. I don't see how you can avoid using RL unless you just don't care about seeing emulator windows opening/maximizing... bezels for emulators that don't support them internally... keymapper integration... pause media like manuals and move lists... the list goes on and on. Enjoy your BigBox, but if you are serious about having a "nice" setup, take some time to learn to use RL.
  3. Use a keymapper... I wrote a mini tutorial for "joytokey" in this thread: Personally I can't stand RetroArch.
  4. As you add more systems it will populate that section. If you only want mame then you can enable "single wheel" in HQ and it should open right into the mame list (skipping system select altogether).
  5. hyperlaunch is old, upgrade to RocketLauncher. But yes, hyperlaunch still running is why you can't select another game.
  6. I suspect you are just "out of focus". Does a mouse click somewhere on screen restore joystick functions? May take 1-2 seconds after click.
  7. Just to clarify a couple of things, this is and always has been a windows issue. Gamepads are plugged in a random order every boot. It is not limited to xinmo either. This affects any and all gamepads listed in device manager (xbox, ps3, logitec). Joytokey or any other keymapper can not help you fix this. There is a "preferred controllers" section in RL that can help but I have never seen anyone do a tutorial or anything for setup. The basic premise being that it will unplug all controllers and then lplug them back into the system in the order you specify. Some have claimed it just doesnt work. I think that the tabular per system scheme that comes from RL gives people the impression that they can switch controller order for every system. In reality I think this is only executed once when RL is first run. So the idea is to first make sure all your controllers have a unique name. Then come up with an order that will satisfy all systems.
  8. I created shortcuts to all my games in a single folder and let RL create mine but the resulting xml has no data in it other than name. Might be better to just grab someone else's and just start editing it since it's probably going to involve a lot of editing in any scenario. Hopefully they have at least some of the same games as you, LOL
  9. Only use the path to the exe in non-steam games. Try to get used to setting the appwait.exe (and fade title) for these. If the game is in your steam then it is much better to just use the steamID... here is a thread with more info
  10. What are you using for controls? Gamepads? Actual cab? My best guess is a keymapper... possibly the "Startup Script" or other ahk??? Need more info on your setup.
  11. Which artwork folder to use is dependant on what the theme for that system is setup for... ie: the theme creator could have arbitrarily used any one of the four for boxart. I would just try each folder till they show up. I guess its also possible the theme was created without any boxart in mind. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  12. I am no expert... but my best guess would be to update your .net framework. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  13. There is not a real need for it's own wheel. Just use FBA as an "alternate emulator" for whatever games you feel run better with it.
  14. Sure can, but it is a bit of work. In a nutshell: Create a "Mario" (for example) system in RL and assign Nestopia as the emulator. You will probably want to copy paste the info from all the official xml's (nes, snes, ect.) to the new one so you get all the metadata as well. When you have all the games you want in there, go through each game that is not an NES game and assign an "Alternate Emulator" in RL. Also, if space is no issue, you need to copy all the media (wheels, vids) from thier respective folders to your new Mario folder in HS. If you are worried about duplicate files I have heard you can use whats called symlinks... but i know nothing of that. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  15. What exactly are you asking here? As stated above, JTK does NOT ever have to close. And what is a neatmouse? Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
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