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  1. Trying to use bezels? Maybe this thread helps??? http://www.rlauncher.com/showthread.php?6689-Help-with-Demul-0-7a-module-and-running-earlier-demul-for-bezels
  2. I don't have it set up at the moment... but when I do finally get to it, I will probably be using the Reicast core in Retroarch.
  3. Hyperlaunch is old and crap, i would suggest using RocketLauncher. See here how to connect HS and RL:
  4. I would suggest making sure they run fine in mame itself before even thinking about worrying about RL/HS. Might help to know specifically which roms are giving you problems... although this kind of "some work, some don't" usually suggests that you are mix and matching romsets and mame versions.
  5. Spawk

    Controls Vanished

    Way to go Taz! I am really not sure about the stretching stuff. I mean the horizontal games may or may not stretch out ok but what about the vertical games? That's an awful lot of stretch! A much better approach is to use bezels with some nice artwork on the sides. You have a couple of options when it comes to filtering down the list in HS. The 4 options in HQ are found here: The "Parents Only" is a quick way to get down to just 1 of each game. The Parent rom is not always the preferred one (Puckman is parent of Pacman for example). With the other 3 choices you can just delete the one file to remove it from wheel. So with roms only you would delete the game itself. With wheels only it will only show games with a wheel graphic, so you would delete the wheel to remove. If you use a "Roms Only" filter like shown above, also make sure to set the Rom Path and Extension (Do not set the executable here!). If you want even more control over what gets used/displayed, you can download a freeware program called "Notepad plus plus" (Notepad++). Tell RL where the program is: Then you can easily edit the DB's (xml)
  6. No, i think the download page is just telling you how he found it... just use the dll in the download.
  7. Spawk

    Controls Vanished

    Like I said earlier, RL will close/re-open JTK every single time it switches profiles. At this point you should know that the HS profile (inside RL) is the one that is suppose to load. If you have created one and it still doesn't load, then possibly you haven't selected HS as the default profile again like was covered in this thread? Everything you need to know should already be here in this thread. Maybe a RL "Troubleshooting" log might help if it is in fact a setting wrong somewhere. If for some reason you are still experiencing "things disappearing"... I can't help! Remote connecting won't help as I will have no clue what I would be looking for. As you can tell, I am not a big fan of "remote connecting". For arguments sake, if I had connected after your first post and fixed everything all up, you would still have zero understanding of what's actually going on. By talking you through it, you now (at least theoretically) have a better knowledge of how everything works. You can do it!
  8. Spawk

    Controls Vanished

    I really don't think you are having any config issues per say, this stuff just doesn't disappear because of a setting somewhere. Something more serious is happening on your PC IMO. You should have zero worries about anything disappearing. You can probably confirm this with the possibly hundreds of thousands of people who have an HS setup. It is a bitch to setup as a new user and it has a steep learning curve, but when you do get it, it works. When you say the JTK profile is gone, do you mean the file is no longer in the windows folder? or is the file there and just the setting in RL deleted? Same with the mame.ahk? Maybe a screenshot of the actual error? Maybe a new RL log might help??? If you try to "run as admin" (not usually needed or recommended), then make sure to run all the programs you use in your setup as admin. Don't be afraid to start over either. I have done so several times over the years and not only do I understand the way things work better each time, the final product gets better every time I do. The Pi's popularity sure seems to suggest that it would in fact be "easier" to setup. Definitely an option especially if you are only concerned with 80's and early 90's arcade. Not really my cup of tea though. I want the extra power to include a few systems. And I like to use some of the more advanced shaders that make my TV/LCD look like a CRT.
  9. Spawk

    Controls Vanished

    Oh man, this is not something I personally will be able to help with. I have just never seen or heard anything like it. Honestly it sounds like the beginning of HDD failure, or possibly a virus, or virus/malware programs? Maybe Win10 is the culprit??? Did an update happen?
  10. Spawk

    Controls Vanished

    What version and flavor of mame are you running? Some flavors store it in different folders. Mame64 has it's mam.ini in the root folder and Arcade64 has it's mame.ini in the ini folder. You should only have 1 though unless you tried to install 2 flavors to the same location. This is what that section looks like: 1. don't create the default config through RL, this is what we are trying to setup. create it in mame itself. 2. make sure JTK is not running while you do this. "Esc" key??? Finally, make sure you go into "edit global module settings" here: This is all the stuff RL needs to know. You can hover your mouse over all the "i" symbols for a description of each setting.
  11. Spawk

    Controls Vanished

    Sounds like RL is just using default values. Go to “edit global module settings” for mame in RLUI and tell it to use the ini files from mame itself. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Spawk

    Controls Vanished

    No problem, glad you got it all sorted. All controls "in game" come from mame so I would follow Giga's advice. That link will help. Once you have a controller file that corresponds with your panel, do NOT ever make any changes in the "general" section. Only use the "this game" section to tweak individual games to your liking.
  13. Spawk

    Controls Vanished

    It is looking for a RocketLauncherUI profile for some reason. Only thing I can think of is maybe you have "RocketLauncherUI" selected instead of "Hypersipin" under "Default Plugin"... here:
  14. Spawk

    Controls Vanished

    Yes that's what I mean. If you can't alt+tab, maybe you can press the "windows" key, or ctrl+alt+delete and then bring up "task manager", anything to be able to look at JTK and see what profile it has. You could also set the RL log to "troubleshooting", run a game, then quit and share the log. The best way to share the log is to upload it to a site called "pastebin" then just share the link. You can share it here and I could try and take a look... but I may not be the best person for that. The RL forums might be a better choice.
  15. Spawk

    Controls Vanished

    RL will close/re-open JTK everytime you select a game, or return to HS, or activate "pause"... You can create a "system" profile in the same place you made the 3 fundamental profiles except have that specific system (in your case mame) selected on the left hand pane. You really shouldn't need this profile so leave it blank, but just out of curiosity make one. Then load a mame game and "alt+TAB" out and see if JTK is running with said MAME profile within. This will at least tell me that RL knows where JTK is and can load profiles.
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