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  1. Spawk, could you please help my with RL? I am trying to change some of my default emulators so I can set up better controls. For example I’m trying to use MAME for the Apple][ instead of Applewin. I think I have it set up right, but when I launch an Apple game through RL, it says “loading complete” but it just stays on the loading screen with the blinking RL animation. After about 30 seconds it times out and goes back to the screen where I used the rocket icon to launch the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have several systems I’m trying to set up that are acting the same way. Not sure if it matters but I’m also trying to set up alternate emulators on those systems before I change the default to make sure it will run.



  2. I guess HBMame will play official roms as well since it doesn't have the same hash and filename checks that Mame has????? Not sure, I kinda thought HBMame had it's own rom set. RL's rom mapping is the feature you want to use for Merged sets... I have no info on how to use it though, and I have no interest in doing so. Any other Mame set will be easier to use.
  3. I don't think you mean clones. Mame emulator reads all Mame roms! The HB stands for "Home Brew"... it's used to play modified (non official) roms.
  4. There is NO SUCH thing as an 8TB (or any other size) drive. It is highly illegal to distribute any games with any emulator/frontend. Anyone offering to do so, is in NO WAY affiliated with HS or this site. We don't even allow talk about where to get any "roms" on this site. We don't support piracy in any way. Please consult the laws in your Country/Region about the legalities around obtaining any "game images". This is not just HyperSpin specific, you can look at any Frontend you like, none of them would ever sell a drive with game images on it. Please DO NOT come here for support if you buy one of these! *If you already have a collection of legally owned game images ** AND you are setting all this up yourself Then you may come here to ask more specific questions about getting something running more smoothly... That's not to say you are guaranteed an answer or anything. There is nobody getting paid here to provide support. The user base isn't exactly bustling these days either, but the people that do still hang around these forums are generally really good at helping others troubleshoot. HS is FREEWARE after all, there is no reason to be buying it... ok there is a "suggested" HS premium subscription to quickly sync all the pretty artwork that you see when browsing the game wheels. It is not 100% needed though as you can technically download stuff manually and just place in the proper folder location. Also, the game video previews that play when browsing the wheel all come from a site called EmuMovies. A platinum subscription there is totally necessary no matter what Frontend you use! So there can be some cost if you are serious about your retro gaming. In my opinion there is no such thing as "plug and play". There is just too many different ways to "set-up". Too many different PC's. Too many choices! Did they set this up to run on a Pi or full fledged Ryzen CPU and 8GB graphics card? Was it set up for an actual CRT tube or a 16:9 widescreen? If it's widescreen, most retro systems are 4:3 ratio, did they just stretch the game out to the edges or did they use a nice bezel to display some art in that area instead? What about controls? Did they set up use for joypads? If so, were they dinput or xinput? Or did they just set up for actual arcade cab controls? Speaking of arcade cabinets, does yours have an LCD for the marquee? or nice LED buttons? Did whoever set this up account for that by setting up HyperMarquee or LEDBlinky? You see, we are not just talking about 1 program here. These kind of set ups are typically 3-9 different programs (not even including emulators) that all kinda work in unison. There is also often more than 1 way to do things. If you are using gamepads, you can map controls with supported keymappers like JoyToKey or Xpadder. Or depending on your needs, you could just use the "Startup Script", or you could write some quick AHK scripts to launch at the proper times. You can buy someone else's choices and hope that everything miraculously lines up, but ultimately I think you will have to learn what everything does and why it's used so you'll be able to "fix" it the way YOU like/need. Set-up should be done on the system it's going to run on as far as I can see.
  5. Spawk

    Joy To Key

    Take the "Frontend Profile Name" out, and select "joytokey" for as "Frontend Profile":
  6. Hello again Rick, Just to clarify, the ini in question is the one in your ../Hyperspin/Settings/mame.ini Not your traditional mame.ini found in the emulator folder itself! About three quarters of the way down under [navigation] you will find the line: start_on_favorites=false Simply change the "false" to "true". Don't forget to save on exit 🙂
  7. Spawk

    Joy To Key

    Hello Rick, JTK can be really tricky to get working just the way you like. Fortunately once you do get it, you are good for life LOL. If you followed the tutorial I wrote, it was written some time ago. And it was also submitted (and edited) by the person in charge of the tutorials section. Therefore I have no way to directly update it myself. Here are some things to consider: 1. The "associate program" feature is probably not really needed. I only used this at the time because I was setting this up on my main PC and was worried about sending "Enter" and "Escape" to windows applications when NOT using HS. Sounds like it's loading fine on first launch though so this is probably not your issue, I just wanted to stress that it is more important to have it configured correctly in RL as it will be the one loading all profiles after very first game launch. It's important that RL knows that HS is your FE so that it can load the HS JTK profile you made in RLUI. 2. People sometimes have an issue that the INI is apparently not being saved. The problem might be this: JTK (at least the version I run) stores some settings in the registry!!! The issue is that it will create these entries in the registry from the very first location you run JTK. So in my case, I DL'd JTK, opened it from C:\Desktop just to look at it and see what the GUI looks like or whatever, then I copy it to my R:\Arcade setup. Even though I am running it from an entirely new location, windows will find the registry entries and always use the ini in that path (even if it doesn't exist). Only way to remedy this is to manually delete JTK entries from the registry and then run from the location you want. I don't think #2 is your issue, just thought I'd include it just in case. They may have even fixed that in a more recent version of JTK. I think I run 5.2 or something. In your case it sounds like RL isn't taking over the loading of JTK profiles at all. I tell people to make JTK profiles in RLUI for all situations even if they are just left blank! RL maintains control by closing the currently running JTK and loading it again with the reference to the profile it expects through command-line. If it fails to find the profile then JTK will fail to load, breaking the control from that point forward. MAME is a good example for this. There is zero need to use JTK for a MAME game. All controls can be directly mapped to any button you like. Unlike most emulators you can even directly map an exit emulator key in MAME itself. But if the JTK profile doesn't exist in RLUI, it breaks the chain so to speak. JTK will fail to load... and then JTK won't be loaded for RL to be able to close it when it comes time to return to HS and load that profile. Yes RL NEEDS to close JTK first. Double check all your settings in RLUI, "path to JTK", etc. Keep me posted if you find out what's wrong.
  8. I can not speak of that particular company, but I used to use ebay for quite a bit of hockey card collecting. One thing to be aware of is that there is a time limit to how long you have to open a "dispute" on ebay. I fell for this one time, a user messaged me about a delay 2 or 3 times. What he was really doing was getting me past that date. How long ago did you place the order? Check the listing and see if still possible to open a dispute. I don't want to freak you out or anything, we all know shipping for anything has been spotty the past 2 years... but I use places like ebay just because of this sort of protection.
  9. How is it that "guests" are allowed to post here? Can someone please update the permissions.
  10. No, i think the download page is just telling you how he found it... just use the dll in the download.
  11. Ouch, ntdll errors can be almost anything! Have you got the latest .net framework?
  12. HyperHQ? ...ALL launching should be done by RL. HQ is only really useful for populating/filtering the wheel! You can create dummy text files and use the txt extension if you want. It will have no effect at all on launching. RL will load them fine.
  13. Hi Rayne, Can you be specific on what system(s) you are having issues with? You have options. I am also in the midst of converting all my zip collections into more usable formats (CHD, PBP, etc). All of which have nearly as good compression as zip and load as fast as an iso. Also if space is no problem at all, you can always just leave them un-compressed. Just have them all in 1 folder. For systems that have games that use same names (track 01, track 02), put them in folders, just make sure that the folder is also named exactly like the database.
  14. hey man, trying to set up like 800 dos games and I have them all running through defender but it wont launch via rocketlauncher cuz of these prof files. I read on a post that you used pc launcher to launch the dos games using an lnk extension. I can do this but my question is how did you bulk make all these shortcuts? I don't want to have to make 800 shortcuts, that will take forever. Is there something that you used or how I could batch this idea? Can you provide an example of one of these lnk files too amybe?


    appreciate it

    1. Spawk


      Hey ninja! I think those posts are way old... before I dove into the exodos set and was just planning on doing a few manually in my rig. I can't recommend exodos enough too. There is a little setup in Meagre (the "FE" that comes with the set) but everything is done for you.

      I hear Dfend is good as well I just have no experience with it. I know no way of automating shortcuts... most games have more than one exe in the folder so how can you tell the automation process which to use?

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