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  1. I need everything for japan N64, wheels, boxes, carts, video...ill take whatever you guys got. Can anyone post this stuff, its all gone. Ill try to add whatever is missing, if anything.
  2. Awesome...I am so looking forward to this!
  3. BOOM! Problem Solved! I used the giga guides files, the returnfocus.exe in RocketLauncher. Exits perfect now! These Taito games are so buggy! But totally worth it! Thank you many times!
  4. Any idea why this is happening? Some games close just fine. In fact every X2 game closes just fine, the problem is with Type X games. most noteably the vertical shooters. They all open and close fine using rocketlauncher. The problem comes up only when i choose, then close a type x game in hyperspin. I can hit ctrl+alt+ del, enter task manager, then exit task manager and then it unhangs hyperspin, but that is not a solution. Also once it hangs, i cannot open anymore Taito X or X2 games without restarting my computer. Any suggestions?
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