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  1. Oh for crying out loud! Why is HS so "thick"! I Selected in MAME ini to play games on 2 screen MAME UI FX (ANY variant) has no problem doing just that, but HS only wants to show on one!! WHY, WHY WHY!!!!!!
  2. Thank you I am just not sure if that's something I still have to set up through HQ or is managed ENTIRELY by RLauncher. Followed some kind of tutorial and there was nothing about that. There should be some kind of official walk through and not "manual"
  3. Unresolved issues at the moment HS not finding clones Do I do anything with the HQ screen How can I make HS selection screen mirror onto 2nd screen (2 monitor setup)? EDIT: Another issue. Hyperspin launches games on 2nd screen instead of the same.
  4. videos mystery solved. It downloaded corrupted! But how is that possible? How do I download ONLY vids? (Feels like I'm talking to myself here) EDIT: Solved. Found how to redownload JUST vids.
  5. Do I need to make any adjustments here or everything is handled through Rocket Launcher, once its installed?
  6. Issues, issues, issues! Downloaded the movies through Cloud Sync, but for some reason I'm missing some vids, and it seem to be very random! Another issue. HS sees parent roms, but not clones? I have merged set.
  7. Disregard the above 2. How do I setup paths to RLauncher. I remember being something VERY specific for each system. Any tutorials on that?
  8. It's Windows Defender. How do I stop it from hijacking!? Why those programs always trigger AV? With severe as priority. No other normal program does that!
  9. thank you for the replies. My first thought was to check Malwarebytes but I found nothing. Should've check the archive first though before I asked question if that is still bundled!
  10. I have to start from scratch (I had already working HS so I go by what I remember, maybe something has changed?) so I downloaded HS 1.5.1 and Rocket Launcher and... how do I setup wheels? I manged to run a MAME game from inside the RLauncher but when I launched HS, selected MAME and can't launch anything. No error, nothing. I remember a lot being done in HyperHQ (like sizes, links to RL, custom key for start, etc) but I have not found it with HS 1.5.1? Is this correct or am I missing something?
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