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  1. I'll be interested to see how that goes, as well as seeing your cabinet!
  2. That sounds intriguing, I've been wondering why Monopoly is such a beast to run.
  3. Wouldn't it depend somewhat on the thickness of the sidewalls of your cabinet and the depth of the buttons themselves? You could rout a channel to hide the wiring. How do traditional pinballs deal with this issue?
  4. It looks very cool, I don't know if I'd go the spray-painted 'pin' on the logo though, the rest looks so slick, I think I'd be replacing the Bar with Pin in the original typeface.
  5. That playfield screen looks gorgeous in the photos, how is it in reality? Ball movement nice and smooth? Good viewing angles?
  6. I'd second the suggestion for putting solenoids or a big arse relay in to get the force feedback. Although, the option to turn them on or off is good if you are like me and have a game at midnight when you can't sleep. My cab is getting a headphone socket for the same reason.
  7. I'll be looking forward to it, if my build ends up half as good as yours, I'll be doing a happy dance.
  8. Astoundingly good artwork, only thing I'd work a bit more on is the tombstones, and use a slightly different model for each and grimy them up a bit. I love it.
  9. Agreed, you can pick up 1GB 460 cards so cheap now, even second hand.
  10. It might be just me, but I can't read the light yellow, or light green on the grey background text at all. Otherwise though, these guides really are fantastically helpful.
  11. Any chance we could update the first post in the thread to include playfield size? Would be really helpful when looking for one similar to the cab you want to build for yourself.
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