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  1. Dazz, never said you were, sorry if I gave you this impression Anyways, I'm curious about one thing: you say HyperSpin source isn't released because it requires some commercial plugins to compile it but how are the plugins connected to the source? Couldn't the source be released anyways? The person that wants to compile will be required to buy the plugins. Or the source itself include patches of some sort *into* those plugins sources as well and, as such, couldn't be released even as patches due to some licensing restriction?
  2. "aking elements of hyperspin to make another FE is a big no no....." sounds strange to me. Of course a verbatim copy would be awkward to say the least. As I said, I will use some concepts from HyperSpin and others the same way HyperSpin did and there's nothing wrong with that. About a direct port, even if BBB decided to release the source, ti won't be possible because HyperSpin was created using some sort of multimedia creation tool from Adobe IIRC and there is no equivalent for Linux.
  3. Nice theme I work for Canonical, BTW, the company behind Ubuntu. Yeah, I have the same feeling. I want a beautiful front end for my cabinet running linux but, as it does not exist, I'll just create one. I was aiming at HyperSpin because I loved the way it looks and works but right now I'm looking at it and anything else I can put my hands on and will come up with something that may or may not resemble HyperSpin. I'm collecting media for testing, etc. Let's see what's going to happen
  4. Well, I forgot the idea to clone it already. I'll keep some concepts inspired by what I think is done right on HyperSpin tough.
  5. Looks like to me that you were burned in the past and I understand your reluctance. You don't know me, you can't be sure of my intentions. Of course if you guys and BBB, as the original author gives the blessing, I'll be honored but looks like it's not going to be the case. Again, it's not my intention to create any conflict. I liked the ideas and concepts behind HyperSpin so much that I wanted to mimic it. I actually liked so much that I've donated for the project even if I'm not going to actually use the software. My intention coming here and exposing my idea was to develop an open communication environment between my project and the one that inspired me to do it but if you don't think that's possible, fine. I'll go my marry way and won't come back. In any case, the author(s) have my thanks for the software that inspired me and you guys have my personal email on my profile if you want to contact me in private. My sincere best regards and I wish you all the best. Adilson.
  6. Thanks Trycoon. I am right now studying how to proceed but in terms of software I am almost 100% certain to use C, SDL and OpenGL binds. I am also downloading artwork from emumovies and thinking how this is going to fit together, perhaps moving a step further and improve the HyperSpin concept by bringing more 3D in. In July I'll start the project for real (there's a big event in 2 weeks I'll participate and I'm too busy until it's done), with some web support, repositories and the ideas I have so far. I'll let the HyperSpin community know as soon as I have something.
  7. Because I like what I see and there is no way to use in the environment I want. I am no artist or designer, I can code and that's all so why not take a design that work beautifully and improve it by make this design available on different platforms? Rest assured that I mean no harm to HyperSpin, as I said, just want to have this great design working on the platform I choose.
  8. Yes, I've seen this several times on the forum but perhaps you didn't understand. I'm not asking anyone to do it. I'm asking if is there any restrictions regarding the artwork so I, and anyone else interested, can do it. I am actually already doing some preliminary testing, revamping my SDL and OpenGL knowledge (it's been some 5 years since I touched those) and my problem is not the code but the artwork. If I can use HyperSpin's, fine. If not, I'll just have to look somewhere else.
  9. Ha! HyperSpin, of course Regarding my programming experience, I've done quite a bit for several years, from embedded development of military systems (data acquisition mostly) to game machines (the electronic slot machine kind) but it was all done under some sort of contract and/or NDA so there's nothing I can show from that time. I was one of the developers of NX. Most of the code related to integrating RDP and VNC there plus some core optimization is mine. In the last few years I've left the programming area and migrated to business and pre-sales (I'm a technical account manager now). So, in short, is to use the Hyperspin artwork and emulate it's behavior. The development will be done in Linux using C and SDL. As a matter of fact, as SDL can run in windows and MAC this can be be a multi-platform application. Anyways, I first have to take a good look on it as I only saw videos of it (still downloading) to have a better idea how to do it. Thanks for your interest!
  10. Hi folks. First post here. I'm a MAME enthusiast for several years and only now I started my cabinet project. I was looking into Hiperspin and it is impressive but I won't do Windows. I actually make my living on Linux exclusively (I work for Canonical, of Ubuntu fame) and have a large experience on it. As I was already thinking about create a nice interface for MAME on linux (the current ones are crude) I thought why not create a Linux version of hiperspin? I'm no designer but I have a very good experience creating GL based applications using SDL. I would like to do this with the HS creators blessing as I have the intention to use the art on it. Any developers here that can give me more information about the art packs? Thanks.
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