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  1. And Destruk! There are quite a few, and hopefully all these authors can get a great table to try out all there future works b4 releasing it to the herd of hungry pinheads! Hopefully we will see more threads pop up like this. One more idea for op, maybe get some vendors involved put a donate to the cause at virtua pin ggg and game on grafix? Like a show ur appreciation to the contributors at check out option?
  2. With all the talents here I wont be putting my lack of skills to use on this project... I would however love to donate some cash so how about a paypal button?
  3. Oh my! Bar = Raised! you have a damn good eye for design! Where was this thread 6 months ago when I started my pincab! Lol Looks like I'll be pulling off my grill and marching down to my brotther in-law's machine shop and getting a little payback for some recent tech support.
  4. Hey, Im building my first cab and just stumbled on to your HyperDMD project thread. Any chance I can get a copy of this? Thanks!

  5. Found this over at vpforums http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=14861&hl=plunger+mouse looks like a good way to do it to. However,, noobe question here? Does the nanotech act as an ipac?
  6. Cool can't wait ta check it out, mines been redone a few times as I have been learning.

  7. It's crazy how our machines look alike. I'll put some pics up soon.

  8. I have an all linux house here got linux mce in my theater room, love it and a dedicated mythtv backend serving up files in a closet.I have 2 thin clients runnin myth and boxee. I set my wife up with the latest ubuntu in her office and it works great! there are 2 reasons i have 1 windows box in the house 1 is itunes for my i pown at least till my contract is up and i go droid The other is HS I have gotten itunes to run on linux and it was junk tried HS and gave up probably because i remembered what a waist of time itunes was. As a linux fan boy I do feel a little dirty having the xp machine in my cabinet but thanks to instantsheller i can change the boot screen to say ubuntu and none of my friends know the difference. lol As for the "windows Genuine" errors? come on guys I dont want to promote piracy but im quite sure some of the people reading this have gotten bitten by that one or know someone who got bit and asked if you could fix it and learned how easy it is to validate windows. I have seen some really awesome stuff done on linux so im sure something is coming down the pipe i'm no developer so ill wait and when it comes I will for sure without a doubt!!!..... duel boot?
  9. A Linux version would be nice for a mame only cab but can you run future pinball on Linux? Or alot of the other emu's? I know there is wine but ya might as well be running HS in XP inside a VM? Send bill gates a hundred and while your at it send bbbill a fiddy! they have earned it ( for the record I'd probably shell out a hundred for the HS linux distro)
  10. how do i get the ftp access? i sent off a donation 1-8-10, thanks for the work front end and all: )

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