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  1. I've got the hi-rez artwork and means to reproduce it virtually for free so..
  2. Hey guys, I want to build an exact replica of the cabinet mentioned in the title, but after few days of scouring the inter-webs I did't have much success in finding the information needed. If anyone could help or guide me to a right direction, I would really appreciate that.
  3. I am not familiar with making them, but if you could point me into the right direction maybe I could pick it up?
  4. Almost .. I don't want any other games in Hyperspin. I am using an example.. Lets say I want all the sonic games and sonic games only ever created. But i want them all listed on the wheel as soon as i launch the hyperspin. I don't want to have a custom wheel "Sonic Collection" among other wheels. Imagine an arcade, that you turn on and it boots straight into GAME selection wheel. what he said.
  5. I want to open Hyperspin STRAIGHT to a wheel with all Resident Evil games on it. Don't want to go through list of systems, don't want any other games. For example..
  6. Hi, I am fairly new to Hyperspin (or any other front ends for that matter), da hell, all I ever hear of was Gens and ePSx (as emulators). It's amazing that even in this internet age of sorts you can still find huge communities responsible for even bigger projects about stuff that would not knowingly would be considered quantum (makes sense only when you find out about it). And boy do HyperSpin and everything that powers it makes sense !! I don't know what kind of rock I have been living under.. OK, I would like one question to be answered if possible.. Open Hyperspin. One single Wheel (no sub wheels). List of games of one particular franchise (lets say Sonic). All games from all (possible to emulate) systems. Executionable. Once again: after opening Hyperspin, after themed intro appears one single wheel with all the executionable games listed on it, with no sub or upper (whats the opposite of sub? lol) wheels. Is that possible? If so, could someone get me on the right track? Huge thanks !!
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