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  1. A SSD will help a lot! Double the memory if you can. Sometimes a new computer will be in order. I used a old emachine that supported up too 8gigs of memory. And dropped a SSD and a and r7 video card in it. and so far it runs just about everything smooth. Although I have not used it for PS2 emulation yet. But dolphin works fine running GameCube/wii games. And I run street fighter 4 off steam on it on medium graphic setting's.
  2. Wow Thank you. I gutted the PC case last night and just have the PC frame in there now. Ill put the Power supply back in the PC frame along with the rest of the PC. I know I have a long road ahead of me and thank you for the replies. My next hurdle is replacing a Missing Bracket. and then mounting the LCD to a piece of plywood. and then mounting that into the old CRT frame. In order to get this ready for a Christmas Reveal I will be getting 2 of these USB Encoder things from Amazon. I do plan on getting a better Encoder later and prob get the marque working. Also do i need to get a Audio amp of some sorts? Or use pc speakers?
  3. It was a Oldie... it looks to be a Midway cab. The old PCB and both power supplies are shot along with the Tube. So I decide to do a Hyperspin Cab. I am planning on putting in a AMD quadcore with 4 gigs of ram and a 1tb drive. do I really need a Video card tho? Im confused do I use onboard or a add on card? Id like to play some of the NEWER games. but what games require hardware acceleration? and should I be concerned with Heat? should I leave the PC in the case or mount it to the wall of the Cab? http://imgur.com/a/HVsW6 The tube is deff toast... should I save anything off it?
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