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  1. I still haven't built my cab....ugh...but now I'm getting back into it. I like that Zeb one! Any more feedback? Nice to see more options! So with zeb or the vp's have the nudge built in now? So you don't need the MS sidewinder?
  2. Any updates to the nudge solution? I am finally...FINALLY going through with my cab. I have a usb game pad, but if the nanotech plunger w/ motion works well, it would be worth buying.
  3. analog nudge?? That would be an easy install right? just usb and then it has 3 axis accelerometers.
  4. So any more updates to the best plunger for "Analog" plunging?
  5. nice, this is still an active topic.
  6. Do you have an ipad 1? I heard they had some issue on that, but also what is your iOS version?
  7. I have this for ipad3, just haven't turned on the xbox or ps3 to buy it on there yet. Really fun, physics are almost there, games look great though. They said mac/pc version "soon" but I would guess this summer maybe Fall if things are hard.
  8. Oh for sure, it just costs a little bit more.
  9. WOW! you guys have made progress on the nudging good to see. So is there a new controller that is preferred?
  10. I just want everyone with cabinets to post on their FB wall for them to make a cabinet version
  11. I hope not! I didn't see it deleted. But I hope people go and show support! They seem to be pretty technical guys and this may spark their interest. Having licensed tables would be nice as they did 3d modeling so they would look good and have the newer stern ones. Which we are missing in vpin.
  12. The new video game The Pinball Arcade. It will be released on PC, Mac, iOS, xbox 360, ps3, wii 3dds, vita, etc. What I find awesome is PC! And they seem to be pretty in love with pinball. I posted on their facbook about making it for cabinets. But could use some more love from the cabinet people! This seems like a much more viable application than pinball FX. As much as I would love both, Zen seems to be to busy to give a pc app at the moment. http://www.pinballarcade.com/ And guess what they have the 4 big pinball manf's. Stern, Bally, Williams and Gottlieb. Plus promised DLC in the future. I cannot find a good email address for farsight studios but their FB wall they are pretty active. https://www.facebook.com/pinballarcade Videos: Intro
  13. my test pc to make sure I liked HP/Vp/FP was a core 2 duo 1.8ghz w/ 2gb of ram and a nvidia gs7900 so it was kinda weak sauce.
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