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  1. Looks good, I'm working on adding some new games from Zeldix they are releasing new MSU-1 games almost daily now.
  2. For some games I've added multiple versions, I haven't got around to setting all the variations up myself yet so I haven't added them to the wheel. When I get some time I could add variations for some of the other games if people want. Zeldix has the most complete database that I know about and people are adding MSU-1 functionality to new games almost weekly, it been hard to keep up with the releases. https://www.zeldix.net/f45-msu-1-hacking
  3. I've uploaded an updated pack with the following games added: Donkey Kong Country, Joe & Mac, Rockman & Forte, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Super Castlevania IV ,Super Ghouls n Ghosts, Super Mario Kart, Terranigma
  4. Added some instructions to the original post hopefully it helps, these games can be finicky to setup but worthwile in my opinion.
  5. Sorry my mistake I forgot the xml file in the original pack. I've updated the pack to include the xml and added FF6, Zelda Parallel Worlds and Zelda Goddess of Wisdom.
  6. Xml file is in the download pack
  7. There's older audio packs created for the snes flash cart that allows you to play MSU games on an actual snes but the sound mixing was different hence the quiet audio. There are now newer audio packs remixed for emulators, zeldix.net has all the links and info you need. Just found out that the snes9x core in retroarch was updated to support msu1 no bml file is required. You need to rename all the files (rom, pcms and .msu) to match the games name in the xml (if using my pack) then change the core to snes9x. This is only nessecary for games with the bml file or if your pc runs snes9x better than the bsnes core. It's also a little more straightforward to just rename all the files then editing bmls. My database xml file is complete and included in the download link btw. I'm updating it to add ff6, zelda parellel worlds and goddess of wisdom with new artwork. Will upload the updated pack this week.
  8. The bmls are tricky to get working sometimes, you can compile many of the games following the instructions on romhacking,net. Usually you need to patch an clean rom of the game then you need to open the bmls i provided with notepad++ and edit the "rom name=program.rom" match the name of your rom. The MSU-1 rom name needs to match the .msu1 file name of your set and the track numbers need match your .pcm files. Sometimes you need to use a certain version of the rom, it was a pain tracking down all the bml files and compiling the games to get them to work in retroarch. I could write up some tips to get the games working or just post a link to mega with all my compiled games that are matched to the bmls but I'm not sure if that will break site rules? Another good resource is https://www.zeldix.net/f46-msu-1-hacks-database I've gotta get to work on Final Fantasy VI and Zelda Parallel worlds, those both had MSU-1 tracks recently added.
  9. Sorry unfortunately I didn't create the cover art as a separate box and CD.
  10. I've created a complete wheel for most of the SNES CD MSU-1 games that are currently available. The wheel is based on SimplyAustins SNES Wheel as I like the clean look and background and have also used some of Aorin's Video Snaps from the great game hacks wheel that was released. I've created mock up SNES CD covers and CD images based on some of the box art for the games out there. The RocketLauncher module is setup to launch the games with Retroarch using the BSNES core, its my first wheel release so hopefully everything works ok. You can download the full wheel with rocketlauncher fades and pause backgrounds here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!As2jkrtIr7k7gR5gk57jEa1sCuYw Update: I've added Zelda Parallel Worlds, Zelda Goddess of Wisdom and Final Fantasy 6 Balance and Ruin, I've also added the complete database XML file that was missing. Complete wheel is around 1 GB for artwork and videos. To get all the games setup takes about 30 GB. Update 10-14-2017: Added Donkey Kong Country, Joe & Mac, Rockman & Forte, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Super Castlevania IV ,Super Ghouls n Ghosts, Super Mario Kart, Terranigma Instructions: 1. Create new wheel and copy over Hyperspin media and XML database. 2. Add a new system to Rocketlauncher called "SNES CD" and Copy over the Rocketlauncher files (Media, Modules & Rocketlauncher UI) into your Rocketlauncher folder. 3. Setup Retroarch (SNES CD) in your global emulator, set your path to match where you have retroarch installed and setup the module to the "RetroArch (SNES CD).ahk" that is included in the download pack. 4. Go to https://www.zeldix.net/f46-msu-1-hacks-database and download most of the game patches and pcm audio files. Most games use Lunar IPS to patch the original super nintendo rom .sfc file to the MSU-1 version. Create a new folder for each game named to match the name of the game in the xml file eg. BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1). To Use The BSNES Balanced Retroarch Core: In Rocketlauncher in the global emulator settings for the SNES CD system go to the "Rom Settings" tab. You can keep this setup as is with the bsnes balanced core, it requires the included .bml files. The bml files are like a cue file that tells the emulator what msu file to use and what audio tracks to use. The game must have all the required files in a folder named to match the game in the XML file. To Use The SNES9X Retroarch Core: Under the "Rom Settings" tab in Rocketlauncher change the LibRetro_Core to "snes9x_libretro". Rename the rom file, pcm files and .msu so they all have the same name. For Example to setup BS Zelda the folder must contain the following: BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1).sfc BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1).msu BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1)-1.pcm BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1)-2.pcm BS Zelda Map 1 (MSU-1)-3.pcm etc. Now you just launch the .sfc file directly like you would with a normal snes game with rocketlauncher, no need for a bml file. You can check out a preview video here: Video Preview for the latest update:
  11. I'm having the same issue with dolphin. Runs fine outside of hyperspin but tons of stuttering while hyperspin is running. Alt tabbing back and forth between H.S and dolphin will usually fix the problem.
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