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  1. On 10/20/2017 at 10:14 PM, SupraKarma said:

    utfalcon, what do you think?

      <game name="Conker's High Rule Tail (MSU-1)" index="" image="">
        <description>Conker's High Rule Tail (MSU-1)</description>
        <cloneof />
        <crc />
        <rating>HSRS - AD (Adult)</rating>



    Looks good, I'm working on adding some new games from Zeldix they are releasing new MSU-1 games almost daily now.

  2. On 10/14/2017 at 8:07 PM, Aorin said:

    Is there a database for the MSU-1 games, I just checked and they added lots of new titles and there are several versions for the same game.

    How are you guys using it, choose one version of each game or keep all versions in the MSU database?

    For some games I've added multiple versions, I haven't got around to setting all the variations up myself yet so I haven't added them to the wheel.  When I get some time I could add variations for some of the other games if people want.  Zeldix has the most complete database that I know about and people are adding MSU-1 functionality to new games almost weekly, it been hard to keep up with the releases.



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  3. There's older audio packs created for the snes flash cart that allows you to play MSU games on an actual snes but the sound mixing was different hence the quiet audio. There are now newer audio packs remixed for emulators, zeldix.net has all the links and info you need.

     Just found out that the snes9x core in retroarch was updated to support msu1 no bml file is required. You need to rename all the files (rom, pcms and .msu) to match the games name in the xml (if using my pack) then change the core to snes9x. This is only nessecary for games with the bml file or if your pc runs snes9x better than the bsnes core. It's also a little more straightforward to just rename all the files then editing bmls.

    My database xml file is complete and included in the download link btw. I'm updating it to add ff6, zelda parellel worlds and goddess of wisdom with new artwork. Will upload the updated pack this week.

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  4. The bmls are tricky to get working sometimes, you can compile many of the games following the instructions on romhacking,net.  Usually you need to patch an clean rom of the game then you need to open the bmls i provided with notepad++ and edit the "rom name=program.rom" match the name of your rom.  The MSU-1 rom name needs to match the .msu1 file name of your set and the track numbers need match your .pcm files.   Sometimes you need to use a certain version of the rom, it was a pain tracking down all the bml files and compiling the games to get them to work in retroarch.  I could write up some tips to get the games working or just post a link to mega with all my compiled games that are matched to the bmls but I'm not sure if that will break site rules? 

    Another good resource is https://www.zeldix.net/f46-msu-1-hacks-database

    I've gotta get to work on Final Fantasy VI and Zelda Parallel worlds, those both had MSU-1 tracks recently added.


  5. On 6/16/2017 at 11:40 AM, machiman said:

    Can you please share the "complete cd's" without being behind the box.

    I really love to spin it ;)

    Thanks for the pack looks cool.

    Sorry unfortunately I didn't create the cover art as a separate box and CD.

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