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  1. Hi guys I have Hyperspin 1.4.0 in my laptop. To update to latest versión (1.5.1), what i have to do? Do I download the "Upgrade Only Download" (Upgrade files only - 42MB) drag and overwrite in the old version? Or i have to download again the complete version (1.5.1 - 480MB) and start over again…. Please, help me to do it in the right way. I have RocketLauncherUI v1.0.1.10 Thanks!!
  2. Absolutely the best front end... i love it.
  3. Same here... Could not Verify HyperSpin Membership, check your credentials and try again Hypersync Cloud Please Help!!!
  4. Hi, i have same problem... want to become a platinum member to have full access and content from hypersync, but i can't find a method of payment. What i have to do.. can i use paypal? Thanks for suport.
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