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  2. I haven't had much progress with this lately. We had a baby and I've been knocking out house projects. The most I got accomplished was painting the sides black. Aside from that, everything has been sitting in my shed in pieces. I decided today to just put it together as is, instead of risking painting everything and then not liking how it looks. Updates to follow!
  3. It looks like I'll have to. Can't figure out a way to remove it
  4. Hey everyone, Here is my new project. I found this at a local hardware store. It was used years ago as the cabinet that held the paint matching computer and monitor. I saw it in the back with a bunch of other junk and the owner said that I could just take it. The guys there used a forklift to get it in my truck. It will sit in my shed for a bit while I finish some other work in our house. Thanks for checking it out!
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