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  1. viriiguy

    Optimus-Pin P2k Build (39/24/22)

    Thank you! Well, After almost 4 years of near daily use, My Zeb's connectivity board has gone out with a puff of smoke. Hopefully Zeb can still rebuild this version for me. I have emailed him. It looks like when it burned up, it also took out my Replay knocker. Not sure what else went with it. I will have to test everything. However, on the plus side, this will finally force me to do the rewire I have been meaning to do ever since I got the cabinet working. I always meant to replace my "Test Harness" as it was ugly and messy. But it worked, so I never got around to redoing it to meet my almost anal standards. The sad thing is, just the day before I finally got every single VPX table loaded and updated. Ah well. Them's the breaks.
  2. viriiguy

    VEGAPIN - My Noob-Project

    What a cleaver design!
  3. viriiguy

    Optimus-Pin P2k Build (39/24/22)

    Well, it has been a couple of years since my last update. With the release of VP10 and all it's glorious features, my twin Nvidia GT 460's were no longer cutting the mustard. So I yanked them out and replaced them with a single Asus STRIX 980 6GB card. Much much nicer! Multiball no longer causes frame rates to drop. As a matter of fact, I have not seen them drop below 118 fps yet.
  4. viriiguy

    Black walnut pin cab

    Very Sharp! I honestly came into this thread expecting the worst... But, very very nice!
  5. viriiguy

    VPcabs Mini Pin prototype first glimpse

    I love your "Prime Time" Back glass
  6. viriiguy

    Optimus-Pin P2k Build (39/24/22)

    08 should work just fine. Make sure you disable any Server Services... Unless you want it to actually be a server in the back ground. They chew up a lot of overhead.
  7. viriiguy

    Optimus-Pin P2k Build (39/24/22)

    Well, I wanted to format my Cabinet, now that it's design has matured, so I can clean it up.. Clear out the old software and such. And it just so happened that I am in training for Windows Server 2012 R2 at work... After learning of some of the advancements made in this OS, I thought... What the heck, let's check it out on the Cabinet and see what happens. WOW! 2 hours after I formatted my hard drive, I had a fully functional Cabinet again. And I have to say it is REALLY quick. From power button to Menu interface, to select a table, is 14-16 seconds. It will boot to just the desktop in 11 seconds. I still have a little tweaking to do, right now it is the base GUI install for Server.. And I have to get a new Wireless card. But if you happen to have a copy laying around... It makes a mean little OS For a gaming rig or pinball machine.
  8. viriiguy

    Terminator 3 Groni FS Mod (RPG Fixed)

    Bump... Surely SOMEONE has this on their cabinet and would be willing to upload it to sendspace.com or something?
  9. viriiguy

    Medieval Madness 39/27/19 Standard body build

    The specs in my build thread have served me well.
  10. viriiguy

    Medieval Madness 39/27/19 Standard body build

    Wow, It is going to be nice when you are done, but that Cab looks nearly spotless. I bet it was worth enough to buy you two cabs from Mameman Can't wait to see your build!
  11. Congrats! And nice looking setup! What contactors are those?
  12. This is a sweet deal! Someone better jump on this! I know I would never let mine go for less than $8k... And even then... It would be iffy.
  13. viriiguy

    Optimus-Pin P2k Build (39/24/22)

    Did you use to have a Miata?
  14. viriiguy

    Optimus-Pin P2k Build (39/24/22)

    Howdy gang! Long time no speak. The Pinball cabinet is working great. I have been working with Javier again to finish the last piece of artwork for it... The Front piece. Over the summer I bought a Miata and have been racing it quite a bit and tweaking and modding it. Well, This led to the idea to complete the Cabinet.... I present to you, Ryu, The Mountain Defender... I named my car Ryu, because it is Japanese for Dragon... Which is where I spend most of my time.. On the Tail of the Dragon, US129 from Blount County TN to Robbinsville NC. It is an 11 mile stretch of road with 318 curves.. Many of them so tight you can almost see your own ass And This is the Miata...