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  1. Ok im going to try this first thing in the am. Also what location do i get log files from? Sent from my SM-J320P using Tapatalk
  2. Which emulator do u reccomend i use? Ive tried to understand and setup mednafen but i couldnt figure it out, and retroarch? Sheesh!! Itz so hard to learn... Sent from my SM-J320P using Tapatalk
  3. But if i dont go in hyperHq to input the rom path, when im in HS and i click a game i want to play, it wont proceed further unless i do that in HyperHQ. i had to do that with my nes, gameboy, etc
  4. ok! that worked but if i want it to be less plain, like have a picture saying loading game or a picture of the controller layout how would i do that?
  5. Where Do I Go to skip rom checks? that is all new to me. and i deleted the executable path in hyperhq. I set 7z to false, unzipped a rom, loaded it through RL, and the no cd screen popped up again. also on a side note everytime HS or RL loads Fusion it Instantly minimizes it to the bottom of the screen. then i have the roll my mouse down and click it several times before it goes full screen. i just did'nt want to talk about it yet because we were dealing with this issue.
  6. ok ive never been in that section before. im gonna try it now....
  7. My bios were already set. now im getting an error after doing that here are the pics. i thought i had the extensions right. am i wrong?
  8. i hope i dont have this problem with all my other CD-based games..........
  9. Sorry about that. here are a few pics and its every game on sega cd. and yes im using rocketlauncher. the sega cd games are correct when i load them unzipped. the bins and cues are fine. its because the roms are zipped. but im trying to save space. no errors are coming up.
  10. Its the screen that sometimes shows a controller setup if not, it just says extracting game, loading game plus a female says "Loading game" How would i go about getting that on my hyperspin?
  11. Hello All. Im Trying to make my Sega Sd work with hyperspin. the audit list is correct and and when i start fusion the sega cd loads up correctly, but its not booting any games. i suspect that its because all of them are zipped. can anyone help me with this?
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