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  1. hacker? no love, calling yourself a hacker implies you actually have a brain. I don't think guessing a password counts, hun. You could never be a real hacker, how could you learn C+ and Python when you can't even remember a phone number? Wannabe!! I'm not scared of you. You're pathetic and your ego is the size of fucking spain. You have to control and hurt a woman to make yourself feel like a man. Real men don't hit women - you'll never be a real man.

    Oh, let me guess, I am "imagining" you are violent? Just like your ex-wife "thought" you were violent, but she was mistaken? If you are not violent and abusive, why do two of your ex partners seem to think so? Maybe you need a look in the mirror instead of concocting elaborate revenge fantasies about bus drivers and till assistants, shrink that massive ego of yours and realise what a bitter and twisted person you really are?

  2. darkminds - why send me all those friendly messages and the slag me off on the forum? You called me a kiddie hacker? Get your facts straight before you say something like that mate.

  3. darkminds - why send me all these messages and the slag me off on the forum? You called me a kiddie hacker? Get your facts straight before you say something like that mate.

  4. Yeah, it's a good project to play about with over time if you like the games. Thanks! I duplicated all of the art from the "wheel" folder into the "art 1" folder and positioned "art 1" directly over the original wheel art with a "Grow" effect so now the centre wheel thumbs "expand" out of the wheel - by the way, what's the "Pin Wheel" style?

    Cheers, Pete.

  5. Hi Pete,

    Yes, I'm afraid it's too much work to get a proper logo in PNG. I will try a few titles of the games i really love to see how much work it is. I've got good PS skills so maybe it's worth it.

    I love the wheel you made with the small thumbs. However the thumbs are very ugly in the Pin style, which i use at the moment.

    Maybe I just stick to the wheel you made, it looks really good, so why change it :S

  6. 1- The easiest way to get the title/logo art is using the answers addon for the mozilla firefox browser - hover over the game title (in my post) and it loads up a description of the game includinng the title!!

    2- www.bigfishgames.com have some decent titles and artwork for their games if you type the game title into their search ;)

    3- www.zylomgames.com also have some nifty title/logoart (but again, JPEG - not PNG :()

    here's an example but it would need cutting out with an image editor and exporting as a transparent png to be of any use in a theme (which, as you know, would take some time).

    BigFishGames: Example Logo:


    Zylom Games: Example Logo:


  7. Oh, I don't have all the title art :( I started looking but I onnly found Bejeweled 2 and Bookworm Adventures so far. I can't find a reliable source - I used wikipedia for one and found another using google images. They MUST exist somewhere but I'm struggling to find them. I will continue looking and will obviously upload them when I find them :) Peace

  8. Hi Pete, could you upload the png titles or logos of the reflexive/big fish games as wheel images? I would like to use them in my themes.

    thanks in advance

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