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  1. If this is such a non-issue, why hasn't HyperSpin2.0 been released? I thought the biggest delay was adding in Denuvo DRM?
  2. It is completely reversible and doesn't delete anything, it password protects it so that user has to re-verify. On the recycle bin, it only removes what matches the drive letter and directory root path that matches install.
  3. Well, of course, if Microsoft has given up on decompiled software and reverse engineering. But, you'll never stop EXPERIENCED CODERS and hackers... but that's not the biggest problem. In my opinion it's the people cloning drives, especially the spanish scenes motto 'forever free' that I see many users cloning and ripping software that is still sold. Games and current gaming systems etc. Yes, nothing can stop EVERYTHING; but a simple process that stops most might be of use to someone.
  4. I heard @BadBoyBill and other admins were looking into a way to secure HyperSpin from having drives duplicated. I found a lot of my scripts being ripped across the internet without credit and sometimes hacked; so I built a process to prevent it. I have a way that checks every ten runs of HyperSpin (on exit, so that it doesn't affect user experience) and on the 10th run it sees if computer has changed. If so, it warns user. If they keep doing it, it then 7zip locks their settings and databases, and rocketlauncher profile directories. It creates password protected 7z files in it's place and then wipes directories (and wipes recyclebin so they cant recover). THe user then has password protected 7z files and has to contact HyperSpin group to get it unlocked. Another benefit is it logs the computer and user data in a file so that any cloned drives can see where it originated from. Entire process adds less than 1mb to process, runs near-instant (less than 1 second, unless fraud attempted), and then proceeds. Not sure if anyone is interested in it for other uses. I wont give out code or much details unless i know what it's for, so that the process is secured. Thanks Guys!
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